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ItGresa allows you to concentrate on your business– we will implement the best practices in cloud and endpoint security to keep your network and  your online presence safe from hackers.


ItGresa can help protect your company’s clients and reputation from hackers and other bad actors.

Network Security

ItGresa can help you define, configure, and implement networks that keep your business productive and safe from hackers.

Web Development, Social Media, SEO

Your business needs to be visible on the web.  It needs to show people how you are – professional and polished.


ItGresa promotes robotics and uses them to educate kids with a mission of exciting kids about engineering at an early age.  Visit our robotics store:

IT Services: Network Security

IT Services: Cybersecurity

IT Services: Website Design

IT Services: Education

We are Local

We are Cross cultural

Who we are:

We help you design, build, manage, and protect your network.  We specialize in small and medium business. We can help you be more protected and more productive.  We can help you be more present online. We understand your challenges.
We do Information Technology.  We want to help your business be successful. We’ll make your network and your people more productive.   We’ll build capabilities and infrastructure that you don’t have today.  We’ll protect your business and reputation.  We’ll educate your teams.  And we can reduce cost by effective implementation of technology. We are ItGresa.
Small business owners must move fast, must be aware of their market, and must execute without fluff.  ItGresa was built by an entrepreneur like you.  We know what it takes. We are cross-cultural.  Our CEO is from South America, and we know the special challenges small business owners face when they did not grow up in the US.  We get it, and we’re ready to help.
Small Business Owners:
  • Reported being victims of a cyber attack 44% 44%
  • Attacks targeted companies with 100 employees or less 63% 63%
  • Credit card data breaches are targeted at small business 95% 95%
  • Are worried about Cybersecurity 10% 10%
  • Do not have a contingency plan 59% 59%
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Make A Presence!


Be Online.

Your business is not as productive as it can be if no one can find you.  Let us help you be evident on the Web.


In today’s world, people use a variety of device types to run their lives.  You want your business to be able to reach them, regardless of device.  ItGresa can help you look professional, no matter what the medium and device may be.

Social Media

A growing number of people use social media to define where they shop and what they do.  We can help you create a presence there, too.

Email campaigning

We can also help you reach out to your customers via email.  We can ensure that your business does that in a legal, compliant manner.

Let us get you noticed!

FAQs on Cybersecurity

  According to the SBA, 60% of Cyber crimes are directed at small businesses. Hackers know that small business owners overlook cybersecurity, don’t know what cybersecurity means, and don’t know how much one attack can devastate their business. Only one layer of protection against cyber attacks isn’t enough to keep your business from being attacked. ItGresa can help. We will evaluate all of your business technologies and operations that may be at risk, including hardware, software and human factors. Our consultants will then work with you to create and implement a plan to protect your organization by adding and customizing multiple layers of protection. We can help you with hardware solutions, with software tailored to protect your business, with audits and training, and even with risk management strategies and products. Let ItGresa help protect the business you’ve worked so hard to create
Why is education part of your services?
We find that education becomes a critical link for the network, for cyber security, and for marketing.
  • Any new technology requires awareness and execution to make it successful.  As part of a new technology implementation, ItGresa will teach your employees how to execute your new IT systems.
  • Employees are the weakest link in any cybersecurity plan.  ItGresa can evaluate the strength of your existing protection scheme, including employee knowledge and attitudes, and help you improve your status through training and awareness.
  • Often employees have no idea how they can contribute to the success of a social media campaign.  We find that employees have a very real voice in social media, and this can attract new business to your company.  By helping them become aware of how they can contribute, you can help your business grow.
How do you engage with a client?
Generally, our first step is an interview and a free assessment of the client’s needs.  This is typically followed with one of several plans to be able to meet those needs, from a network upgrade plan, to a training or marketing plan, to a confidential approach to penetration testing and audit for cyber security. We will meet with you, develop the plan, and determine together what our next steps are.
Why ItGresa?
We are a small business ourselves.  We understand your needs, and we understand better than anyone how IT can help or hurt your business. We have the technical expertise to help.  And we believe our mission is to help your business be successful.  As you grow, we grow.

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