About Tania Allen

Tania Allen is President and CEO of ItGresa Consulting, Inc.

Hers is an American story.

This is My Story…

I am originally from Venezuela and I am now a US citizen.

I worked in the Oil Company (PDVSA) in my country as an IT professional, a network administrator, and a project leader.  My team was tasked with updating network infrastructure in PDVSA’s buildings in the capital.  As such, I’ve been involved in network infrastructure upgrades and  cutting edge technology since 1990.

I was an entrepreneur in Venezuela, starting companies that sold fashion and accessories, did IT upgrades and network wiring, and other  consulting engagements.

I have degrees in IT, in Digital Engineering, in Nursing, and a certification in cybersecurity from Georgia Tech.

I relocated to the US in 1999 and became a US Citizen in 2008 to escape a repressive and dangerous government in Venezuela.  I am now President and CEO of my Company, ItGresa Consulting.  In my country, we call entrepreneuring “Matando Tigres” – hunting tigers.  ItGresa was named after this concept.

I am a classic American success story.  Let ItGresa hunt some tigers for you.