Tania Allen, ItGresa Consulting Group CEO

About Tania Allen

Tania Allen is President and CEO of ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc.

Hers is a classic American success story.


About Tania Allen

Tania Allen is President and CEO of ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc.

Hers is a classic American success story.

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This is My Story…


I’m originally from Venezuela and I’m now a US citizen.  I am lucky to be in a country where entrepreneurs like myself can thrive.

I worked in the Oil Company (PDVSA) in Venezuela as an IT professional, a network administrator, and a project leader.  During that period, my team updated network infrastructure in PDVSA’s buildings around the capital.  As such, I’ve been involved in network upgrades and  cutting edge technology since 1990.

Growing up, my mother was poor, without much of an education.  Often she had to decide if we were going to put food on the table that week, or if we would buy school books or uniforms so we could attend school.  Despite those challenges, or maybe because of them, she was fierce and tough.  She managed to build a house, buy and run a farm, and make sure we all got at least a college degree.  I am who I am because of her.

I achieved three degrees while in Venezuela:  my first degree was in Nursing, graduating when I was only 17.  However, working in public healthcare can be difficult, so I shifted my focus to Information Technology.  I went on to get degrees in IT and Digital Engineering.  Most recently, I got a Certificate in Cybersecurity from Georgia Tech.  You can read about it on their website here.

During that time, I  also became an entrepreneur in Venezuela.  I started companies that sold fashion and accessories, did IT upgrades and network wiring, and did other consulting engagements.

I relocated to the US in 1999 to escape a repressive and dangerous government in Venezuela.  I became a proud US Citizen in 2008.

ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc.

I’m now President and CEO of my own company, ItGresa Consulting Group, Inc.  We help businesses and governmental agencies of all sizes to:

  • Protect themselves from hacking attack
  • Create and advance their digital and online presence
  • Build and upgrade their networks to be more efficient, effective, and safe, and
  • Educate their employees on IT and on Cybersecurity.

Awards, Recognition, Speaking Engagements

Part of our mission is to make sure the community is aware of cybersecurity risks and opportunities, as well as the oncoming digital disruption.  As such, my team and I spend a lot of time communicating with the public.  Some of our work includes:

  • Tania and ItGresa regularly speak to multiple venues on cybersecurity, Digital disruption, what it’s like to be a successful Latina woman in a largely male-dominated field.
  • Part of the company’s mission is to build more engineers in the US, particularly women engineers.  We believe that we have to reach kids early to do that.  And so we’ve been teaching kids, ages 4-14, how to design, build, and code robotics.

The Name

Sometimes people get confused by our company name, but once you understand the story, you’ll never forget the name.  (We think that’s good for our brand!)  In my country, we call entrepreneuring “Matando Tigres” – hunting tigers.  And a female tiger in Spanish is a “Tigresa”.  So the name is a play on both of those ideas:  IT (what we do) + Tigresa (who I am) = ItGresa.


ItGresa holds several certifications and we’re ready to do business with the government and Fortune 1000 companies. Our certifications include: Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Airport Concession Disadvantage Business Enterprise (ACDBE), Hispanic American Business Enterprise (HABA), Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Female Business Enterprise (FBE), Minority/Female Business Enterprise (M/FBE)

I am an American success story.  Let ItGresa hunt some tigers for you.




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