We’ve done our best to digitize the Viper Assembly Instructions here for you, section by section, including troubleshooting, transmitter binding, downloadable manuals, and more.

Our goal is to help the new builder understand how to assemble their Viper and lower the barriers to entry for a new combat robotics hobbyist.

ItGresa’s mission is not only to support the sport but also to help our educational mission.  We believe that kits are a stupendous way to learn the basics of combat robotics and that a Viper kit is one of the best ways to get started.  Following a structured path in a kit teaches the new roboticist wiring, mechanicals, signals, steering, and more.

We’re here to support both the beginning hobbyist and the advanced robotics engineer with information, tips, tricks, and an easy place to acquire parts for their robot build.  As beginners master their kit and the basics of robot fighting, ItGresa will be there with parts and expertise to help them grow in the sport.

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