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 Amazon hack

Action Required:  Change Your Amazon passwords Now.


ItGresa News:  Reports of a new password hack have been broadcast.  Allegedly, 14million Amazon and Ebay usernames and passwords have been captured and sold on the Dark Web.

An unknown user has posted the offering and is selling what may be your data for $US 800.00. The data reportedly includes your full name, zip or postal code, delivery address, and phone records. The data is also separated by country for hacking convenience!

Amazon communicated that they have investigated the claims and that there is no evidence of any hacks or breaches.  It would be a prudent move to change your Amazon password as soon as you practically can.

However, it’s a simple fact that hacking activity is increasing, and increasing rapidly.  Many of us play the odds:  we assume that the universe of capture data is simply so large that someone is unlikely to single you out for a hack.  Or we just prefer not to think about it at all.

Those of us who make our living at security at ItGresa understand this.  It’s a crazy world out there.  However, we think wishful thinking or keeping our heads in the sand, no matter how soothing and pleasant that may be, is not  a way to manage the risk in our lives.  We urge you to change your Amazon password, as well as your other sensitive passwords out there.  If that’s too much trouble, consider looking at a password manager.  These little bits of software come highly recommended by security experts and can do a lot of the heavy lifting of keeping all of your passwords difficult to break and regularly changed.

If you don’t want to use a password manager, it’s high time to change your password in your Amazon and EBay accounts. In a 2016 article, Amazon sent out password reset emails after “a list of addresses and passwords” was leaked online.  We would hope that you have changed your password since 2016, but we suspect that many of you have not.  And this most recent hack, despite being denied, simply provides a reminder to all of us that it’s time to change our password.  

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