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Robotics kit: Fingertech Viper combat robot


ItGresa Robotics brings robot battling to you!


Kids and adults around the world watch BattleBots these days.  So if you or your budding engineer want to get started in the sport, our Combat Robotics Class is for you!

 The fall section for the senior engineers will be “Build Your Own Combat Robot”. Class members (Ages 9 – Adult) will build their very own Combat Robot:  The Fingertech Viper Combat Robot Kit.  Students will learn to build a complete combat antweight robot, suitable to fight at any Combat Robot event.

 Cost of the Combat Robotics class will be $349.00, including all material.  Each student will get to take home a fully functional combat robot, that they built, a $250.00 value.  The first session will commence Oct 04, 2019.

 We’ve had a lot of interest in the program.   The number of participants is limited to 10 people.  So please sign up quickly, before all seats are gone.

 If you want to develop your kids’ interest in engineering, STEM, electronics or more, this class is a great way to start.  For example, our own children started with this hobby and are now teaching themselves CAD and building computers.  The classes help to develop children’s interest in STEM, in a way that appeals to them.

 The Combat Robotics Class can also give your child opportunities that they may not receive in many schools. Moreover, kids in our programs have used their participation to help get selected for advanced schools and programs.

 If you’re an adult, the class can give you a major headstart in understanding the sport, help you learn tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, plug you into sources of materials, and generally save you HOURS of Googling for answers.  In addition, you have your very own combat robot when you are done!

Finally, we’re passionate about helping ignite and interest in engineering and technology.  We hope you can join us.  #BeThatEngineer


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Itgresa Combat Robotics bots after a battle
Robot Rumble Itgresa Combat Robotics at Dragoncon 2019
John Allen preparing his bots for DragonCon Robot Battles 2019

Students will receive:

At the end of the class, each student will take home their very own Fingertech Viper combat robot, suitable for competing in combat events.  These robots will not be equipped with dangerous weapons, but will be very capable of winning matches and tournaments.  Each robot will also come with a controller and charger:  everything the student needs to run robot.  

Each participant will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

Class Schedule:

ItGresa Combat Robotics Class:  Fall Season for ages 9-adult will start Friday, October 4th from 5:15 – 6:15pm.

Classes will be held Every Friday from Oct 4, 2019 to Nov 15 2019. There will be a final Robot Competition and Rumble Friday, Nov 22, from 5:15 until done.  Prozes will be awarded.

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