Combat Robotics connectors are important components of a combat robotic system.  Every combat robot has a minimum of three major electronics systems:

  • Drive electronics.
  • Power electronics.
  • Control electronics.
  • Many have weapons electronics, as well.

All of these systems must be connected securely, so that the power and control to these systems can interface effectively, and the wiring of robot doesn’t come apart when the bot takes a hard hit.  Wiring damage, overpowering, and other faults can doom  a robot’s successful fight in the ring.  This can turn victory into defeat quickly.  So selection of the proper connector is very important.

ItGresa carries all types of connectors that allow these electronics to be plug and play, connecting to standardized connectors on the opposite wires to be joined, including JST and switch and charge jacks.

Electronics for combat bots are constantly advancing to create a faster, more robust robot.  As Fingertech’s US Distributor, we try to always carry the very best electronics, with strong survivability in the ring.  And, because we’re in the US, your parts will arrive more quickly and at a lower shipping cost.  Buy ItGresa’s Combat Robotics electronics now!