Every combat robot has a minimum of three major electronics systems:

  • Drive electronics to control the drive motors.
  • Power electronics to draw power from a battery. May also include connectors to charge the battery, although there is a Viper version that uses “D” cell batteries.
  • Control electronics to convert movements of the control box to radio waves and from radio waves, convert to control voltages to drive motors at a particular speed.
  • Many, but not all, combat robots also have electronics that control a weapon motor.

Combat robots are essentially radio-controlled cars that are equipped with weapons that inflict damage to the opposing bot. To accomplish this, a human being runs the controller that drives the bot around the arena.

Selection of a reliable controller, and one that can meet combat robotics standards, is critical.  Controllers can have a number of different communications protocols, and the receiver must be compatible with the transmitter.  Also, the transmitter must be able to execute fail-safe protocols for safety, so that the bot turns completely off if the signal is lost.  If the transmitter is unable to pass the failsafe test, your combat robot will be disqualified.  


ItGresa carries the standard T6A Transmitter/Receiver combat robotics controller available from Fingertech.  The T6A is a rugged and simple controller that is easy to master and maintain.

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