Every combat robot has a minimum of three major electronics systems:

  • Drive electronics to control the drive motors.
  • Power electronics to draw power from a battery. May also include connectors to charge the battery, although there is a Viper version that uses “D” cell batteries.
  • Control electronics to convert movements of the control box to radio waves and from radio waves, convert to control voltages to drive motors at a particular speed.
  • Many, but not all, combat robots also have electronics that control a weapon motor.


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ItGresa carries all of these types of electronics. Most of our robotics electronics are from our partnership with Fingertech Robotics. Fingertech is one of the premier vendors for electronics for the combat robotics sport. We also carry connectors that will allow these electronics to be plug and play, connecting to standardized connectors on the opposite wires to be joined, including JST and switch and charge jacks.

Electronics for combat bots are constantly advancing to create a faster, more robust robot.  As Fingertech’s US Distributor, we try to always carry the very best electronics, with strong survivability in the ring.  And, because we’re in the US, your parts will arrive more quickly and at a lower shipping cost.  Buy ItGresa’s Combat Robotics electronics now!