Combat Robotics Kits


We believe that kits are an exceptional way to get started in the sport.  Building a combat robotic kit is a great way to quickly learn the basic concepts of combat robots:  mechanicals, drives, wheels, electronics, and how they all fit together.  By building a kit, you acquire knowledge about not only how the systems are put together and work together, but also understand the key components and sources.  We have been teaching robotics to kids for years.  Our boys always wanted to build combat robots, but we didn’t know how to get started.  We took the leap and bought our first Viper kit.  That first robot won it’s very first match- and the boys were hooked.

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Here’s that very first battle with the very first robot kit: Devastator vs. Plaguebearer at DragonCon’s Robot Battles in Atlanta, Georgia

Fast forward to today: The boys have designed and built many bots. They’ve printed their own chassis, and taught themselves CAD. And they have won many matches.

They gained confidence and knowledge with those first kit bots. There are those who think the only way to learn the sport is to build your bots from scratch. We respectfully disagree. Our goal is to make the sport more accessible to people, so that we can expand the sport. Just like kids need to be taught how to play baseball, kits are an easy and accessible way for them to be taught the basics of the combat robotics sport.