When you’re designing your bot, you have to have something to build it on.  Combat robot mechanicals can be built from scratch, but bending and drilling metal or UHMW precisely can be difficult.  Many people use chassis that they’ve 3D printed.  However, not everyone can afford a 3D printer, and not everyone has the skills to learn CAD, create their own files, and print their chassis.  When you’re just getting started, this can be pretty daunting.  

The right kind of mechanicals can also help make the bot more sturdy and stable.  Motor mountings, in particular, are important for the structure, rigidity, and resilience of your robot in combat.  Typically, combat robot mechanicals include chassis, motor mounts, and other structural devices, mechanical connectors, and members.

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ItGresa carries chassis, armor, mechanical tools, mounting devices, and more. Our goal is to provide the bot builder with the items they need to be able to create their bot. Most of our mechanicals are designed to work with the Fingertech Viper chassis, but can be extended to other custom designs.

We want to help you create a faster, more robust robot.  As Fingertech’s US Distributor, we try to always carry the very best materials for robotics.  And, because we’re in the US, your parts will arrive more quickly and at a lower shipping cost.  Buy ItGresa’s Combat Robotics electronics now!

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