One of the distinctions to understand when choosing combat robotics motors is the difference between brushed and brushless motors. In general, most bot builders use brushed for drive motors, and brushless for weapons motors. Without getting too technical, brushed motors have a direct electrical connection to the windings via a brush (which are often little blocks of graphite, like a pencil lead, or other soft metal). Brushless motors require no such connection, and the rotation of the motor is caused by magnetic fields switching on and off.

Brushed motors are more reliable and can take a hit better. Brushless motors are faster and slightly lighter. This is why drive motors are generally brushed, where reliability is critical, and weapons are brushless, where spinning up to the highest speed is the most important parameter.

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The Fingertech Silver Spark motors that we offer for drive motors are lightweight and rugged.  They are  designed for robot combat. The all-metal spur gearhead is mounted to a Mabuchi FK-050 motor. All metal gears mean that the motors are able to take the punishment. We recommend making the motors even more able to take a hit by using our Fingertech Bearing Blocks.

We’re proud to be a FingerTech US distributor, and it means that we can usually get you your product quickly, safely, at the same price, and with a lower shipping cost.