When you’re ready to advance to a weaponized bot, check out our combat robotics weapons systems. Many are drop-in adds for our popular Viper kits, but they are also extensible to any custom bot. In general, weapons systems consist of the weapon itself, mounting hardware, a motor to drive the weapon, a speed controller to drive the weapon motor from the bot transmitter (connected to the receiver inside the bot) and connectors and pulleys. Titanium is always a great choice for ant weight bots because of the strength to weight ratio.

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    Weapons can fall into many categories, including:

    • “Eggbeaters,” weapons that are broad and spin around a horizontal axis.  They are named because they look like an eggbeater when they’re running.
    • Horizontal spinners. Often looking like a circular saw blade or a lawnmower blade, horizontal spinners do just that: spin horizontally just like a circular saw.
    • Vertical Spinners. Like horizontal spinners, only aligned vertically. Vertical spinners are generally smaller than horizontal spinners because a larger blade makes the robot too top-heavy to be effective. However, on the Battlebots television show, robots like Huge and Mammoth are very large vertical spinners.
    • Lifters and flippers. Designed to pick up the opponent’s bot and flip it into the air.
    • Drum Spinners:  Like an eggbeater, but cylindrical in profile instead of being flat.
    • And many more.