Wheels. So very basic. And yet so important. We like the Fingertech foam wheels. They’re light and they’re almost indestructible. Hit these wheels with a weapon, and chunks of the wheel may come off but they keep on running.

The rough surface of the wheels provides grippy contact to the battle-ax floor. If you want more grippiness, coat your tires with Liquid Latex.

By coating your foam wheels with the latex, the stickiness of the dried latex will give you more traction on the battlebot floor.

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Foam wheels from Fingertech have two connection methods: one is a snap ring hub. The hub connects to the shaft of the motor using a setscrew, and the wheel goes on the hub and is sandwiched highly in place. The top of the aluminum ring is held in place with a snap ring. The second type is a twist hub. Twist hubs are very similar to Snap ring hubs, but are held in place with a twist and turn aluminum ring. It’s important that the hub matches the tire thickness.

See how to install Fingertech Snap Hubs HERE: