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Human beings are the weakest link in any cybersecurity protection program, and the first step is to educate yourself and your people.  Keep up with the latest.

Business Security – Overview

Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for business.

For most small businesses, cybersecurity is actually survival. Stats say that 60% of all small businesses fail within six months of a successful attack. Yet most small business owners don’t prioritize cybersecurity as something worth devoting critical attention to…

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Business Security- Public WiFi

Cybersecurity Tip Number 10.

Most business people don’t realize that public WiFi is a strong risk for hacking. While you are on public wifi, your data can be intercepted or malware can be installed on your computer…

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GHCC Cobb Networking 2019

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn instagramyoutubeNorth Fulton Networking Group presents "Cybersecurity:  Protecting your Business." Tania Allen, CEO ItGresa Consulting GroupMany businesses have insurance for disasters:  fire, theft, floods, and the like.  Most don't worry...

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GHCC 11 2018

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tania Allen presents Understanding Cybersecurity and Protecting your Business: 2018 Hispanic Business Conference & Expo Join us in Atlanta for the Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's Business Conference and Expo.    The agenda...

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Top Five Things to Keep Your Family Safe

KEEPING YOUR FAMILY SAFE IN CYBERSPACE       The internet brings massive, societal changes. Generations ago, parents couldn't understand the far-reaching consequences that the automobile would have on society, because the automobile was new technology...

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Data Breach Tips

DATA BREACH TIPS Prepare for a data breach.   Very simple set of five slides on how to prepare for a data breach.  Read the link here:  Stroz Friedberg offers insights, found on Twitter, shown by  -- Itgresa Cyber Security  NEWS See us in the...

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CryptoPHP on webservers

CRYPTO PHP ON WEBSERVERS   The internet brings massive, societal changes. Generations ago, parents couldn't understand the far-reaching consequences that the automobile would have on society, because the automobile was new technology to them.  They couldn't...

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Forbes: Amazon Twitch hacked

Amazon's Twitch, the game streaming company, was hacked. Following the event, the Twitch team attempted to beef up cybersecurity.  However, users complained about the more strict...

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Protect your Child

How to protect our best assets, our children. Always have access to your child's computer. Monitor your child's online behavior. Teach your children about online dangers. Let them teach you. Listen to your children. Talk to your children about talking to strangers...

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IRS Hack

IRS Hacked - Time to Stay Alert and Change your Password   As far as the IRS knows, last year over 700.000 accounts got into the hands of hackers.  Why is this very serious?  Because the hack gave attackers access to entire tax returns, which means people’s...

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Health Hack

Hack Attack on Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield;  as many as 10 million people’s personal records exposed.   Last year, a hacker attacked the Excellus health insurance company.  It was confirmed that between 10 and 10.5 million customers had their data potentially...

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Small business

Small Businesses can't afford expensive losses by ignoring cyber security.   A single successful cyberattack can cost $10,000 to $100,000 to a small and medium businesses. In some cases, a successful attack can even cause an entrepreneur to lose his or her...

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Authorities warn of the rise of ransomware and cryptoviruses in 2016. Hackers can hold your data hostage by encrypting your files with a private key that they only know. They then ask for money, $200 - $500 in debit cards or bitcoin.  If you fail to pay, you will...

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Security Tips: Amazon

 Action Required:  Change Amazon passwords Time to change your password in your Amazon account. Amazon has sent out password reset emails after "a list of addresses and passwords" was leaked online. Read more...

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