What Is Your Company’s REPUTATION worth?

What Is Your Company’s Reputation Worth?

The Challenge

Small businesses are very vulnerable for hackers to attack.  According to Homeland Security, hackers are now targeting small businesses because they know they can’t afford dedicated resources to manage their cyber security, and so many of the business owners simply don’t pay attention– until its too late.

One incident, one single breach, can destroy your business reputation and steal your customers credentials.  Cyberattacks can cost tens of thousands to hundreds of millions of dollars in lawsuits, fines, credit card charges, and more.  And that means  a single attack can destroy the business you’ve spent your life building, sometimes in a matter of moments.

The Solution

The consultants at ItGresa have been trained in evaluating and correcting vulnerabilities and weaknesses.  Of course, no firm can completely protect against hacking.  But ItGresa’s cyber security practices can strengthen your network, and make your business is a harder target than the next guy.  Think of it like a security system for your home– you can’t prevent a truly dedicated bad guy, but you can make it much more likely he or she will pick someone else to attack.

We will come in and spend 30 minutes with you free of charge, and prepare an evaluation of the most likely security weaknesses for your company.  We’ll provide you with a tiered cyber security risk plan to immediately make your business more secure.  Should you decide to implement one or all aspects, ItGresa will work with you and your team to make sure your business is more secure.

The cost of remediation is much smaller than the cost of correction after the fact.



Source:  SBA via pcmag.com  Link Here:

Average cost of a cyber attack for a small business

Our two pronged approach:

We start with a free interview.  Our professionals will sit down with you and capture your goals and concerns.  That way, we will be better able to understand how we can structure our solutions for your business.
We will evaluate your current status, relative to where you want to be.  Using your interview, we map the gaps between where you are to where you want to be to define a plan.
The best kind of security prescription is one that results from an actual set of tests.  Our consultants are trained in various types of tests to determine where you and your business are vulnerable.  These include:
  • Penetration testing:  we attempt to get into your network from the outside.
  • Threat and risk assessment:  we determine the actual threats your business is likely to encounter.
  • Critical data protection:  we determine how safe your critical data is.
  • Security audits:  multi-level tests designed to offer a complete picture of the security environment.
Physical Network.
We will define and implement hardware solutions to make your business more secure.  We have years of experience implementing hardware solutions such as more secure infrastructure (routers, switches) and appliances especially built for a more secure network (firewalls, etc).  We can procure them for you, get them installed and running, and train your people.
Virtual Network.
Often the solution to weak security lies in new software and firmware.  This WSJ article lays out how easy such vulnerabilities are for hackers to find.  In many cases, older versions of firmware are allowed to propagate in the field or at manufacturers.  This firmware may have serious vulnerabilities, and since many home and small business routers and modems are reference designs that use the same code, backdoors and vulnerabilities are allowed to continue and spread.  We can scan your infrastructure, determine where you are behind on security patches, and get you up and running safely in no time.
Human Network.
This page by Forbes online clearly indicates the weakest point of any plan to harden a business against hacking, malware and intrusions.  No, it’s not the hardware nor the software.  The weakest link is the human network.  Well-meaning employees make mistakes that compromise the business.  And the occasional bad actor, with access far greater than necessary, can devastate a business large or small.  Witness the Snowden incident–  there were several warning flags and vulnerabilities that could have been solved relatively easily– and yet the largest and most sophisticated security operation in the world was compromised. At ItGresa, we know that a large part of what we do to make your business more secure is working with you, the owner, and with your employees, to minimize these risks by training, awareness, separation of duties, mitigation strategies, and policy development.  We can help you become a leader at cyber security, and increase the odds that the bad actors go somewhere else.

Intrusions are no longer a rare event.

Cyber-attacks occur every second.

This map from Norse Corp. shows a subset of major cyber attacks occurring in near real time.

Click the map to see the attacks as they occur.

Norse Corp Cybersecurity Threat map


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Humans are the weakest link in any network.  ItGresa helps protect and professionalize your team by educating them on threats and operations.
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