• Critical to keep your network secure.

  • Critical to get the most productivity out of the systems and technologies you have.

  • Critical to help your employees to be a part of your success.

But often overlooked and underinvested.

ItGresa IT/Cybersecurity Training for Businesses

We will help you and your staff with education, training, collateral, awareness campaigns, and more.  Our goal is to help you and your staff be more secure and more productive. Sessions can range from an individual session to longer training engagements. We can also  “train the trainer” so that your organization can become self-sufficient.

ItGresa Community Education and Outreach

Every day, one can read about a hacking incident, a child impacted by social media, and more.  Impacts range from embarrassment to job loss, to kidnapping and worse.  We believe part of our mission is to mitigate these risks through education. On the plus side, we’ve personally seen the positive impacts of our STEM outreach (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) on the children we work with.  It’s incredibly exciting to watch these young boys and girls develop as leaders and future scientists and engineers. ItGresa is committed to making the world a better place by education.
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