Cybersecurity Tips: Business Security Overview

Cybersecurity is survival

There’s an old chestnut about avoiding getting eaten by a bear:  you don’t need to be faster than the bear, you only need to be faster than the slowest guy running. 

No cybersecurity firm can make you hack-proof, it’s so you can be more hack-resistant than your neighbor.  Being hack-resistant is easier than you think.

The face of hacking has changed.  Hackers aren’t people in hoodies anymore.  They may look like the businessman or woman in the coffeeshop next to you right now.

And these modern-day hackers are getting smarter at figuring out how to use their skills to extract value from your business.  Ransomware, extracting your customers’ data and selling it on the dark web, gaining access to your bank account, or convincing your own people to transfer money to their account:  today’s hacker has a multitude of tools and scams to get your money.

It no longer takes as much skill, either.  With open-source tools,  hackers no longer need to build their own tools.  Many tools are intended for the good guys– the white hat hackers.  However, these tools  can also be used by the bad guys.  Moreover, there are many malicious tools that have no practical purpose other than malicious hacking.  These are widely available on the Darknet.

Small Business IMPACTS




Most small business owners don’t realize-  a serious hack can destroy their business.  According to the national cybersecurity alliance, 60% of small businesses fail within six months of an attack.. 

To help you, We Present:  The ItGresa “Top Ten” Cybersecurity TIP List!


In order to make your business more resilient than your competitors, we’re publishing our view of the top 10 most impactful cybersecurity tips. Check it out, and remember that we can help you if you need it.  We’ll be posting a detailed page for each tip over the next several weeks.

This Weeks Tip: 

Cybersecurity Tips #10:  Public WiFi – Just don’t do it!

There are a dozen ways you can be attacked when you are on public WiFi.  When you’re tempted to log on at that coffeehouse, airport, or even hotel room, just don’t do it!  If you must surf, use a good VPN.  Get more details HERE:

Cybersecurity Tips #9:  Use a Good Anti-Malware

Today’s anti-malware products are very advanced, and relatively inexpensive.  The cost of an anti-malware is minimal compared to the cost of a ransomware attack.  

Cybersecurity Tips #8:  Use Two-step Verify

An easy way to protect yourself and your company against casual attacks is to implement what’s called two-factor authentication or two-step verification.  This is a way your critical sites or applications call back a known device to verify that it’s really you.

Cybersecurity Tips #7:  The Best Hardware, Up-to-Date

The hackers are good– they’re constantly coming up with ways to attack you and your devices.  The OEM manufacturers are good as well–  for every known breach, they remediate with a patch.  These patches, though, only defend if you install them.  It’s important to keep your devices firmware patched and your software up to date.  Also, technology marches on– so that router that you bought in 1990 may need to be updated with a new model.

Cybersecurity Tips #6:  Harden your Password Practices

Believe it or not, there are still hundreds of thousands of people with passwords like “Password” or “00000000”.  These are easily cracked.  Enforce password discipline.

Cybersecurity Tips #5: Don’t Overshare on Social Media

If you wouldn’t do it in the real world, don’t do it in the digital world.  Don’t put posts on Facebook showing your fabulous vacation while your gone, for example:  it’s like putting a large sign in your yard advertising that you’re on vacation, robbers, please enjoy yourselves.

Cybersecurity Tips #4:  Use Encryption (WPA2 or better)

Encryption is easy to set up.  Use it.

Cybersecurity Tips #3:  Disaster Recovery

Even the most secure companies and processes can still be at risk.  Make sure you have a hardware plan for backups, a process to recover, and a secure way to protect your backup files.

Cybersecurity Tips #2:  Phish for Results

Phishing simulations are proven to reduce or eliminate the primary source of malware and ransomware:  phishing attacks. Use them.

Cybersecurity Tips #1:  Educate yourself & your employees

The most important aspect of a good security program is Education on risks and how to avoid them.  Educate yourself.  Educate your employees.


Spend time on security.  Develop a plan.  Review our tips, and put them to use.

It’s actually not that hard, but it may not be something you want to do.  Our specialty is helping companies like yourselves develop a plan, tailored especially for you, and executing that plan.  We have suggestions and products for most of the tips. 

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