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Battle in the Backwoods 2021

We're a middle Tennessee-based club that hosts events in Chapel Hill, TN.


Battle in the Backwoods 2021


Welcome to the Battle in the Backwoods!

Event Details:

Depending on the temperature we may have all the doors open. Unless it’s too warm, then we will run the ac.

Building is around 3,000sq feet.

I expect maybe 12 to 15 entered and probably another 12 to 15 that with be there to support participants (family, teams)


April 14, 2021 – June 10, 2021




COVID Considerations:

It will be mask optional, space shouldn’t be an issue tables are spaced out several feet.


  • 12:00pm – 6:00pm



Official House Rules of the BackwoodsRC Combat robotics (BWCR)

General Rules and safety

The following rules supersede any conflicting SPARC rules. Any rule issues not covered here will be reviewed by the board and officers of BWCR.

  1. Judging: The board members of BWCR will appoint 3 judges that will each judge on the following 3 categories:
    • Damage will be up to 5 points. Damage points are awarded based off how much damage your robot did to its opponent.
    • Control will be up to 3 points. Points are awarded in this category based off of your ability to control both your robot and the other robot during the fight.
    • Aggression will also be up to 3 points. Points are awarded in this category based off how aggressive your robot is and how willing you were to engage with your opponent.
    • Please note: robots without active weapons will typically score lower in the damage category
    • The judge’s scorecards will be read anonymously giving the scores in each category. Additionally, judges are able to split up categories (IE: A robot can score 3 points in damage, 2 in aggression, and 1 in control.)
  2. No flame emitting, or petrol bots will be allowed. Pressurized cylinders and Co2 chamber bots will be allowed.
  3. Magnets are allowed but may not hold more than the robot’s weight when hung upside down.
  4. Tap outs/KO by Referee decision will end the round immediately.
  5. If your lipo/battery becomes exposed the match ends immediately and the opponent wins.
  6. If your bot becomes disabled and cannot show controlled movement, a 10 second countdown will start which will result in a loss for your robot if you are not able to show controlled motion.
  7. At any time, you may tap out of the round ending the fight. If at any time your battery becomes exposed, the referee will stop the match.
  8. Plastic/Printed Classes These bots must be 3D printed from PLA, PETG, ABS, TPU or Tough PLA.
  9. Termite wooden kit bots These bots will be fought in Rumble format up to 10 per rumble. If your magnet is knocked off stop movement till the end of the rumble.
  10. Each robot will be given a minimum of 20 minutes in between each fight. This time is to allow for the robot’s electronics to cool down, batteries to charge, and any damage to be repaired.
  11. Any non-sportsmanlike actions or acts of violence will result in being asked to leave the event.


All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. LiPo Fires: We will immediately turn on the arena outside ventilation system and ask anyone not participating in the round to go to the front pit area or parking lot. We will have an appointed Fire Officer safely remove the damaged robot and place it into a BattSafe fume-tight container. This container will be taken outside immediately by the Fire Officer. At that point, the robot owner will decide if he/she would like to bury the entire bot in sand (to put out the fire) or safely remove just the LiPo. The robot owner assumes all risks when working with their robot.
  2. Control Bots: For the safety of the audience and competitors, we have decided that a 5 second maximum hold/pin will be strictly enforced. The announcer/referee will use the countdown clock for this time measurement. This is an additional precaution to prevent fire and unsafe fumes or dust from delaying the event.
  3. Weapon locks and switch interlocks will remain on bots until in the arena. The most dangerous bot will be placed in the arena last.

Arena and Hazards:

We have a 6x6x4 arena made from 1/2 polycarbonate and and additional 1/2 x12in poly toe board with seamless steel floor. We have ventilator system buit into the area to push any fumes outside in the event of a fire.



We have plenty of pit area for all competitors. The pit area is open and there are some separate rooms that maybe utilized if needed.

Tournament Style:

We will run a standard bracket for 150g, 1lb metal and plastic Ants and 3lb beetles as well as rumbles, call out matches or even Bounty Classes.


We ask that any spectators not supporting contact us prior to the event. In general, we’re not allowing any spectators to ensure event doesn’t get overcrowded, but contact us.

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