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First State Fights

Sponsored by First State Hobbies and CNC Madness, First State Fights is our combat robotics event for fairyweight and antweight bots. The fights are great, and the barriers to entry are low. Join our event for some great robot fighting!


First State Fights


Check out the Northeast’s combat Robotics event: First State Fights, put on by Bayside Robotics for your viewing pleasure. Join us!

Event Details:

Understand that this event is tentative depending on Covid Guidelines/Venue. Updates will be posted as well as emailed to anyone signed up.

We have added 8 additional spots to regular antweight and limited plastic antweight to 8. If you are interested in competing and there are no spots left please get on the wait-list as well as messaging us on facebook. We will make every effort to allow in as many bots as possible within the timetable.


March 20, 2021 – July 16, 2021

Registration fee and waiver will be handled day of the event. Additional robots with the SAME driver will be $20 per robot.




COVID Considerations:

Check our updates and state guidelines, as our last event in February was canceled due to COVID.

First State Fights Weight Classes:

  • Fairy (150 gram) – $30 entry fee
  • Ant (1 pound) – $30 entry fee
  • Plastic Ant (1 pound) – $30 entry fee


  • 10am – First State Fights begin
  • 9pm – Venue Closes

Fights will continue until complete or venue closes.


  1. Construction Rules
  2. Tournament Procedures
  3. Match Rules


All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. All weapons must have a proper lock.
  2. All lipoly batteries MUST be stored/charged in a lipo sack.
  3. All robots must be wheels up while in the pits
  4. If you activate your robot for any reason while NOT in the arena you will be removed from the tournament



Arena and Hazards:

Arena is 6×6 plywood floor. 1/4″ minimum thickness polycarbonate walls with one corner of the arena having a lip creating a pit. If you end up in the pit you will have a 10 second countdown to get out. If you can not the match will be called



Pits will be provided but please bring your own extension cords/power strips just in case.

Tournament Style:

Format will be double elimination depending on participation. If registration does not fill we will most likely run round robin.

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