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Houston Halloween 10.31.21

We're running a small spooky robotic event in honor of Halloween for Fairweight bots only! Come join us with your kids before trick or treating!


Houston Halloween 10.31.21


This little event will be at the Randy’s Hobbies swap meet.

Event Details:

The swap meet is small but confusing. I saw three little kids get knocked over by RC trucks last time, so be careful.

Loaner bots are available if you ask 2 days beforehand. If you have questions, ask by email.

Catering for the Swap Meet provided by Ritch’s Raiders


October 13, 2021 – October 30, 2021


Weight Classes:

This event will feature 150 gram robot fights in the little arena. I have decided to allow spinners just for you Al.

Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Fairyweight (150g) $0.00 32


Prizes are skeleton trophies for 1st through 3rd.

We are doing a Best Bot Costume competition. You can either dress up as a bot or dress your bot up, but both will compete against each other. The winner gets a sweet pumpkin medal.


I’m probably going to roll in around 8:30 to make sure that we get a spot.

  • 9:30 – Show up!
  • 10am – Fights begin
  • 2pm- End of Event


This is just going to be me running this, so judging will be spotty. Resources will be minimal.


Donations are totally accepted, but trophies and arena work have kindly been sponsored by JAW Analytics.

JAW Analytics: For all of your data analytics needs.


Arena and Hazards:

Houston Halloween robot fights will be held in the little arena set up at the swap meet.



There will probably not be power, tables, chairs, or shade. Ok, there might be power if I have enough space for my generator. I need to measure it.

Tournament Style:

Tournament format will depend on how many folks sign up, but you will get at least 2 fights plus how ever many grudge matches you can convince other people to do.

In Closing:

Want to compete but don’t know how to get started? Check out this very basic article on getting going. The Naked Viper kit is designed to supply all of the electronics and mechanicals, other than the chassis, for antweight bots. You’ll also need a transmitter/receiver combo like this, and probably a battery charger like this.

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