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Maker Battle 10.2.21

Don’t miss the electrifying Maker Battle robot war at the NEW MAKERSPACECT battle arena in Downtown HARTFORD ! What is Maker Battle? A battle where competitors pit their remote-controlled 3lb robots against each other for bragging rights and other prizes. A place for networking and promotional opportunities alongside an exciting and dynamic event new to the Hartford community. Access to like-minded makers and members from MakerspaceCT. And streaming of the competition so the festivities can be shared with family, friends, and colleagues.


Maker Battle 10.2.21


While this event is a competition, it also represents an opportunity to bring the community together! MakerspaceCT is a space where people and projects thrive, and we hope to partner with our sponsors and supporters in order to continue to provide this resource to Connecticut and beyond. Maker Battle 2021 will help us continue to provide equipment, community, and education through an unconventional medium.

Event Details:

Maker Battle 2021 Mission

Inspired by popular TV shows and the National Robotics League, Maker Battle 2021 aims to connect the community with the mission of MakerspaceCT robotics technology. Robots signify technological prowess, medical marvels, and industrial masterpieces. They spark creativity and innovation that miraculously connect people with the passion for these machines!


Registration Dates: April 15, 2021 – September 30, 2021

Register by entering your team, team members, and bot details at


COVID Considerations:

On August 10th, the City of Hartford instituted a mask mandate for all indoor activities. You can read that mandate here.

Face masks will be required during Maker Battle 2021 regardless of vaccination status.

The health and safety of our attendees is our #1 priority. Since June 2020, MakerspaceCT has a SafeShop policy for all on-site activities, including cleaning and sanitation, social distancing and clear signage regarding facility practices. Guidelines are subject to change. An update will be provided to all attendees prior to Oct. 2nd.

Weight Classes:

Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Beetleweight (3lb) $40.00 20


  • 12:00-5:00pm



  • 3.0lbs in a fight-ready condition. All robots will be weighed prior to their first match.
  • Weight of cameras or video-recording equipment does not count towards the weight limit.
  • There is a 2 lb weight bonus for robots that do not use wheels or tracks for motion. For a multibot, only the heaviest bot is required not to have wheels to qualify for this weight bonus.
  • There is a 1lb bonus for entrants made up of more than 1 robot (i.e. “multibots”).
  • Robots will be considered disabled when 51% or more of the total weight of the bot is no longer moving.
  • The heaviest robot in any multi-bot setup must have an active weapon.
  • The weight bonuses may be combined for a maximum weight bonus of 6lbs (assuming a wheelless multiboot).


  • Robots must be able to fit in a 30″x30″x24″ Box in a fight ready condition. The robots may expand or contract during the match.


  • Robots must use electrical systems that operate at less than 60 volts.


  • Robots must include at least one active weapon
  • Weapons which use fire or heat must be able to self light, and self extinguish. See Safety for more information on flame-based weapons.
  • The following weapon types are prohibited:
    1. Nets
    2. Projectiles over 150mph
    3. Liquids of any kind
    4. Weapons which purposefully disrupt radio signals
    5. Strobe Lights
    6. Lasers


All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. All robots must have a weapon lock that prevents any spinning weapons from moving outside of the
  2. All robots must have a way to turn off power without disassembling the robot
  3. All robots must pass a radio fail safe test.


Sign up to volunteer here.


Arena and Hazards:

See details on designing the arena here.


Tournament Style:

This will be a single-elimination tournament with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Each competition will feature three 3-minute rounds or until one robot has been disabled.


Spectators are welcome and can get tickets to the event here.

Interested in combat robotics? Want to compete? Not sure how to get started? Try an Antweight kit!

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