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Mechanical Mayhem Winter 01.15.22

Check out the Mechanical Mayhem Winter Event at FUBAR Labs, New Jersey's first Hackerspace. Antweight, Plastic Ant, and Beetleweight bots will all compete to destroy each other.


Mechanical Mayhem Winter 01.15.22

Mechanical Mayhem Winter Event – General:

We’re proud to present our second Mechanical Mayhem competition based on Robot Ruckus rules.
Bring your Ant/Beetle weight combat robots to FUBAR Labs and test their mettle!


December 04, 2021 – January 14, 2022


COVID Considerations:

Mechanical Mayhem Winter COVID Requirements for all attendees:

  • N95 or similar (KN95, KF94, etc) masks/respirators must be worn throughout the event while inside Fubar Labs. If your mask has an exhalation valve, it needs to be blocked or filtered. N95s (standard and small sizes) will be available on-site, but please wear your own if you are able to do so.
  • Attendees must be vaccinated (please bring proof of vaccination) or provide proof of a negative test within the past three days.
  • Please do not attend if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or have reason to believe you are infected.

FUBAR Lab’s Precautions:

  • We will be maximizing ventilation by opening the windows and running our fans. Please dress warmly if it’s a cold day.
  • We will be distancing pit spaces to the best of our ability.
  • We will be monitoring the progression of the current Omicron wave to determine whether we will be able to hold the event.
  • We have an outdoor picnic table you can use for lunch or take a mask break. We’ll have a heater out on the deck if the weather is cold.

Weight Classes:

Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Antweight 1lb $0.00 No limit at this time
Plastic Antweight 1lb $0.00 No limit at this time
Beetleweight 3lb $0.00 No limit at this time

Plastic Ants can include wood.


  • 10am – Fights begin
  • 5pm- End of Event


  • Following SPARC general rules
  • Yes to one unstick. Feel free to send us your preference. We’ll set this final on Jan 9th.
  • Currently no OOTA zones, but may work on adding one in this week


All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. Weapons need a weapon safety lock.
  2. Lipo Batteries need to be managed and stored properly

Arena and Hazards:

Antweight and Beetleweight 8′ x 8′ x 2′ arena, 2 layers 1/4″ polycarbonate. Plywood painted surface.



Pit spaces will be distanced to the best of our ability for COVID reasons.

Tournament Style:

Tournament structure TBD based on actual participant numbers


The arena is out in the open and we’re requesting supporters watch the event via live stream.


Livestream details will be posted on Jan 9th.


In Closing:

Want to compete but don’t know how to get started? Check out this very basic article on getting going. The Naked Viper kit is designed to supply all of the electronics and mechanicals, other than the chassis, for antweight bots. You’ll also need a transmitter/receiver combo like this, and probably a battery charger like this.

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