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Minnesota Combat Robotics Club

Minnesota Combat Robotics Club Aug 14

MN Combat Robotics Club Aug 4 - Come to our combat robotics event for fairyweight and antweight combat bots. Support the Combat Robotics Sport and the builders!


Minnesota Combat Robotics Club Aug 14

Minnesota Combat Robotics Club Aug 14


Come join us for some fun and help us build our combat robotics community here in the Twin Cities area.

Minnesota Combat Robotics Club Aug 14 Event Details:

IMPORTANT the event location has changed to 4550 Greenleaf Dr W, Eagan, MN 55123 to maintain safe conditions and a safe environment.

Minnesota Combat Robotics Club Aug 14 Registration:

Registration Opens: 8/24/2020
Registration Closes: 8/14/2021


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COVID Considerations:

The event will be dependent on the COVID-19 status, and will be ensuring safety for participants and guests (social distancing, mask use, hand sanitizer/washing, etc).

Weight Classes:

Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Fairyweight (150g) $0.00 14
Antweight 1lb $0.00 26


  • 10:00am – Fights Start
  • 4:00pm Event Ends


  • Bots can win by immobilizing: this is a pitting judge’s decision
  • Illegal weapons:
    • Emp
    • Fire
    • Liquids
    • Heat and cold
    • Smoke
  • Robots have to make contact for fight to count.
  • RC toy robots have to have no Active weapon, i.e., spinners.
  • You can get one fight delay for 3 minutes.
  • Any major issue with the arena will pause the fight.
  • If robots get stuck together for more than 10 sec they will be separated.
  • If a fire occurs, the bot that causes it will lose the fight.
  • Grapplers & lifters a can pin/hold for 20 sec.
  • Pushers/rammer/wedges can hold for 10sec.


Safety Coordinator: Alex

All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. Sharp edges have to be covered with foam or other protection.
  2. Switches have to be accessible and not in path of weapon.
  3. No exposed batteries.
  4. Batteries have to be easily accessible.

Tournament Style:

  • Fights last 2 minutes.
  • Shufflers get 50% weight bonus.
  • True walkers and gryo walkers get 100%.
  • Pneumatics have to be approved by me at the event.
  • Judge’s decisions :
    • All decisions are on a Seven Point System:
    • 3 for damage, 2 for aggression, and 2 for control.
    • All decisions are Final.

Discord Channel:

(Has to be exact) tHgURNy

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