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MORF- Missouri Robot Fights

MORF Showdown at the EXPO 10.2.21

Now that the dust has settled from the CROK event, MORF (Missouri Robot Fights) will be focusing on getting ready for our fight at Joplin Collectors' Expo on October 2nd!


MORF Showdown at the EXPO 10.2.21


Based out of Joplin, MO, MORF is a community of Combat Robot builders, competitors and individuals who are interested in the hobby. We are geared towards fighting 1lb Antweight and 150g Fairyweight robots.

MORF Showdiwn Event Details:

The Joplin Collector’s Expo is back, and luckily MORF and the expo are like peanut butter and jelly.
We won’t have beetles there, but there is still plenty of time to join our antweight bracket! Join MORF for some good old fashioned destruction!

MORF Registration:

Registration for the 1lb Antweights is live for this year’s return of Joplin Collectors Expo!

Registration: June 28, 2021 – October 02, 2021


MORF Weight Classes:

The MORF Showdown is an antweight event. Ants are some of the most exciting fights because they are small and fast. Come take a look!

Robot Class Entry Fee Slots
Antweight 1lb $20.00 24

MORF Schedule:

  • 8:00-9:50am – Event Registration and Safety
  • 10am – Fights begin
  • 10pm- End of Event


Want to be involved but aren’t ready to build yet? We still need judges. Give it a try. 🙂


Arena and Hazards:

The MORF Arena is an 8’x8′ all wooden structure, the polycarbonate viewing panels are 1/4″ thick. While this may be insufficient for some modern beetles, it’s perfectly adequate for antweights. 2 sliding doors, floor is painted, and will usually have a gap between the two panels.


MORF Tournament Style:

Double Elimination 1lb Antweight tournament.


Spectators are invited to the Expo and the combat event. It’s free of charge to enter and enjoy the Expo. Bot teams must pay a $20.00 registration fee per bot.


Last event’s videos are posted here, courtesy of the Bultman family!


Interested in combat robotics? Want to compete? Not sure how to get started? Try an Antweight kit!

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