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Robot Riot May 2021

Robot Riot May 2021

Robot Fighting is returning to West Palm Beach!! The South Florida Fair is having the event on May 22nd, 2021 and it is one of the highlights of the weekend attractions. Fairyweight, Antweight, and Beetleweight robots will compete.


Robot Riot May 2021


None other than the South Florida Fair has invited Robot Riot to have an event on May 22nd, 2021 as one of the highlights of the weekend attractions.

Robot Riot at South Florida Fair Robotics May 7 - May 23

Event Details:

  • Each bot per class must have a dedicated driver, you cannot enter two bots in the same class with the same driver.
  • Entry fee is $20 per bot in all classes, cash at event.
  • Must register for Robot Riot in advance on
  • Since this is at the fair all builders/drivers will get free entry into the fair for that day. The free fair entry is limited to one builder per team and one driver per bot. Email for extenuating circumstances.
  • Load in instructions provided in pre event email.

Robot Riot COVID Considerations:

Covid rules will match that of the fair which will at minimum be masks required. The event is in a large open ventilated exhibition hall and the pits are in the adjoining hall that is not generally open to the public. The roll-up door will be open for pit access only. There are no exhibits in there. The team count is capped to ensure we maintain a comfortable amount of room in the pits.


  • Fairyweight – 16 slots
  • Antweight – 16 slots
  • Beetleweight – 16 slots


  • 8:30m – Must be there and ready to safety by 8:30. You risk forfeiting your first fight if you aren’t through safety before we start.
  • 9:30am – Fights start PROMPTLY at 9:30AM
  • Fights run through roughly 6PM
  • Grudges will run as time permits.
  • 5:00pm- End of Event
  • The fair is open until 10PM in case we run late


Whatever neat stuff we can come up with. Also, cash prizes will be awarded as a split based on entry fees collected


  • 9:00-9:50am – Competitor Check in, Weigh in and Safety Check
  • 10am – Fights begin
  • 5pm- End of Event


The arena will be the 8’x8′ arena used at Maker Faire Orlando and has a small pit in one corner.



Pit space is limited and we’ll be capping it at 25 teams. There will be one pit table per team which will have two chairs. Bring additional chairs if needed. Power will be available, bring extension cords, power strips, lipo bags, etc.

Robot Riot Registration:

  • Registration Opens: 12/5/2018
  • Registration Closes: 5/15/2021


We’ll be following the SPARC ruleset ( under “SPARC Document Update”) with the following points of emphasis:

  • No fire weapons
  • Exposed batteries are automatic forfeits
  • One postponement
  • One unstick per fight (if you become unintentionally stuck)
  • No entanglements
  • Tapouts are allowed
  • Match length: TBD day of event, will be either 2 or 3 minutes depending fight volume
  • Double Elimination with a single final fight
  • Most Important Rule – **HAVE FUN**

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