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Utah Bot Brawl 2021 Spring Fling

Come join fellow robot combat enthusiasts in Utah’s Bi-Annual Combat Robotics Event: The Utah Bot Brawl, May 8th. This will be an outdoor event featuring 3lb Beetleweights and 1lb Plastic Antweights. Check out our website for details and registration.


Utah Bot Brawl 2021 Spring Fling


[Edit: Time Change due to high number of competitors]

  • 9:00am-9:50am – Utah Bot Brawl Competitor Check in, Weigh in and Safety Check
  • 10:00am – Fights begin
  • 5:00pm- End of Event

The Utah Bot Brawl will be an outdoor event, following event and gathering standards of Salt Lake City. We will be requiring the use of masks. Masks will be provided to those who don’t have them. We will require proper social distancing throughout the event. We ask that those exhibiting any COVID symptoms please not attend.

Event Details:

This is primarily a 3lb Beetleweight event, but for this event we will also include a 1lb Plastic Antweight division. All Antweights must comply with “4.4 Plastic Classes” requirements listed in SPARC Ruleset.



  • 1st place = $100 Cash Prize
  • 2nd place = $50 Sponsor Gift Card
  • Crowd Favorite = $50 Cash Prize


  • 1st place = $25 Sponsor Gift Card


  • 9:00-9:50am – Competitor Check in, Weigh in and Safety Check
  • 10am – Fights begin
  • 5pm- End of Event


We will be updating our trapdoor to remain closed the first 2 minutes of each fight, the trapdoor will open during the last minute of the fight. This will allow for longer, more aggressive fights while still allowing wedges/pushers to be competitive for beginners.



Each team will be allowed 3 members, only team members will be allowed in the pits. Each team will be provided a 2×5’ folding table and a power strip.


Registration for individual bots, either Beetleweight or Antweight, will be $25. If you are competing in both Beetleweight and Antweight divisions you can get a combo registration to register both bots for the discounted price of $40.

All Bots must be registered by 9pm MST April 30th. Though we encourage early registration for planning purposes. 


Utah Combat Robotics uses the standard SPARC Ruleset. Please reach out with any questions or clarifications.


All bots will be required to pass a safety check verifying the following:

  1. Bot weight is within weight limit, 3lb for Beetleweight, 1lb for Antweight

  2. Bot fits in 8×8’ arena and can enter through the 20×20” door

  3. Authorized wireless communications are used

  4. All motors Failsafe when radio signal is lost

  5. All weapons have a weapon lock

  6. No obvious violations of SPARC build specs for class

Tournament Style:

Tournament will be double elimination. All bots must be present during the designated check in time in order to compete.


All Competitor teams are allowed up to 3 members, only team members will be allowed to drive or allowed in the pit.


Spectators tickets will be $10. Make Salt Lake members will receive $3 off admission.


We will have a camera inside the arena in order to provide better quality video. We will try to have videos of all fights available online the day of the event.


Test Box Tailgate:

April 10th we will be setting up the arena as a “test box”. All registered competitors are encouraged to bring their bots to test weapon and drive systems in the arena. This will also be a time that competitors can get to know each other before the event and more experienced builders can provide feedback and advice for new builders.


All purchases at the event including at the door ticket purchases, swag and concessions will only be accepted through Venmo. Tickets can be purchased online by credit card.

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