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Fighting Robots and Combat Robotics – Tips and Updates

Our goal is to advance the sport of combat robotics.  Toward that end, we publish the “Fighting Robots blog” – articles and quick tips on equipment, events, products, and combat robotics generally.  If you want to be successful at the sport, we want to help your success.  Check out the articles below!

Building your Viper

Building your Viper

Check out the full set of instructions on building your Viper here, with links to key content. This gets you the whole enchilada!

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Viper Safety

Viper Safety

Step 2: Viper and combat robot safety. Don’t become injured! Treat your robot with respect!

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SPARC:  Standardized Procedures for the Advancement of Robotic Combat

You can find information here about:


Even though we have a specific event page, from time to time we may highlight specific info on particular events of note here.

Product Releases:

Read about new products being stocked by ItGresa Robotics from Fingertech, Robot Power, and more.

Pro Tips:

We get around and we learn things that can help your fighting robot be more competitive in the matches. Look for those tips from builders and pros here.

ItGresa News

Want to know what we’re up to? Check it out here.

Robotics Classes:

Part of our mission is to educate kids on robotics. We’ve been doing that for eight years, although we had to take a break from in-person classes due to COVID. We’ll keep you posted if we start online offerings or we bring back the in-person classes.


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