Take a few moments and make certain that you have all of the parts that should be included in your Viper Kit below. Quickly inventorying the parts included in your Viper Kit can save trouble later while you are in the middle of your build, and familiarizing yourself with the materials will also help you assemble the robot correctly.

Your robot will need a battery;  either a Lipoly battery purchased separately or as one of our bundles, or a 9V battery that can connect to the supplied connector.  Don’t attempt to recharge a standard non-rechargeable 9V using the charging jack!


Image Qty Part Name
1 Anodized 6061 Aluminum Chassis
2 Silver Spark 33.3:1 Gearmotors
2 tinyESC Motor Controllers (with MiniQD Connectors)
2 2.25×0.75” Foam Wheels
2 3mm x 0.75” Twist Hubs and Key
1 Switch and Charge  Jack
1  JST-to-9V Adapter
2  Mini Terminal Blocks
2 Polycarbonate Armor (Top and Front)
4 2-56×1/8” Screws
10 6-32×1/4″ Screws
1 0.05” Hex Wrench
1 5/64” Hex Wrench
1 Assembly Manual

Not Included in your Viper Kit, unless you have purchased one of our bundles:

If you’ve purchased a base kit, you will not have the below parts. However, they are required to drive the bot or are convenient.

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If you chose the lipoly battery option, you can start charging now. They are shipped with a “storage charge” of 30%. Follow the instructions included with your charger. If you purchased the transmitter as part of a bundle, your transmitter requires 8 AA batteries.
Image Qty Part Name Comments
1 2.4GHz 6-Channel Transmitter (+ 8 AA batteries) and a 2.4GHz 6-Channel Receiver Some type of transmitter and receiver are required to drive the bot by signaling the speed controllers.
1 Lipoly Battery Charger Not required, but Lithium Polymer batteries are rechargable, provide lots of power, and are lightweight. A Lithium Polymer Charger is required to keep these kinds of battery powered up.
1 7.4V Lipoly Battery Optional rechargable lipoly battery. Requires a charger.
1 9V Battery (if not using Lipoly) 9V battery can drive the bot if a rechargable Lipoly is not used
Sparc notes on robot construction:

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