In important times like these, we’d like to provide all of our customers and stakeholders an ItGresa Coronavirus update.

It’s impossible to be on the web now, without reading about the coronavirus.  Everything from jokes about toilet paper, to people communicating from balconies because they can’t leave their house, to grim missives from the impact zones and hospitals.



ItGresa Coronavirus Activity Status:

The ItGresa Team is taking action during the coronavirus quarantine to support our customers and community.

Unfortunately, we’ve cancelled or postponed all of our cybersecurity workshops, robotics classes and speaking engagements, including our Spring Robotics Season for Kids.

We know many parents have been asking for a spring class, so stay tuned as the situation unfolds.  We’ll try to accommodate your kids, depending on the situation.

We Want to be Part of the Solution:

The ItGresa Team is made up of people just like you.  We have kids, jobs, and live the same life.  Our goal in all this is not to use coronavirus as a new way to market (we’re seeing a lot of that), but just as a way to be a benefit to the community. 

Robotics Classes:

We’re SO sorry to have to postpone the classes!  We’ve gotten a lot of asks and requests from parents about a spring robotics section, before all this came up.  So we’re considering if we can perhaps meet the need with some weekend classes in late spring or summer. 

We think it would be super-fun to run an aquatic robotics section, based on the great Seaperch program, started by MIT and the US Navy.  Unfortunately, many students didn’t get to finish their competitions, because of the virus, and we’d like to have a clinic to teach kids how to build and operate an underwater robot as a way to make up for it a little bit.  Seems like that would be a really fun thing for the kids to do, because you have to run the program at a pool, so wet robotics during late spring or summer seems like a really great fit.


Survey:  What kind of Robotics Classes might you be interested in when the world gets back to normal?

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Type of Class (check all that apply)


Age Range

Combat Robotics:

Looking for something for your kids to do that will help teach them useful concepts, engineering, logic, and mechanical and electrical skills?  Need to keep them occupied while they’re at home?  Think about combat robotics!  We have combat robotics kits that older kids can build, as long as they have a bit of mechanical skills.  Over the next week, we’ll be adding more online resources to help them get their bots assembled.  As many of you know, The ItGresa team has been teaching kids robotics for years, and we’ll be available online to be able to help them get their bots together.  We recommend our full viper kit, but we have other bundles if you already have a Lithium Polymer battery charger or a Radio Controller for RC planes or vehicles.  You can see the viper kit here:

Viper Combat Robot Kit Full Bundle with Radio Transmitter and Receiver, and Lipoly battery charger.

Video Conferencing:

Need to stay in touch?  Not very technologically-savvy?  We can help.  ItGresa is a Registered Partner with Cisco Systems.  Cisco has a great video conferencing service called WebEx.  It lets you set up online meetings, show your face on video, make video calls, get together a group as large as 100 people, chat, share your screen, and more.  Cisco and ItGresa have been virtual companies, working from home, for many years.  Let us help you get started during the crisis. 

And best of all, “In addition to enhancing its free Webex offering, Cisco has also decided to provide free 90-day Webex licenses to businesses through its partners and sales team.”  ItGresa is part of that Partner Team, and we’re working with Cisco to providing expanded capabilities absolutely FREE for 90 days as our gift from Cisco and ItGresa to you. 


How to work smarter from home here.

Expert advice on setting up videoconferencing here.

Best practices for users when working from home here.

In Closing:


We’re here, trying to use what we know to help each other.  Let us know how we can best help you. 

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