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Lego Mindstorm Robotics educational kit

Junior Robotics Classes for Atlanta Kids!


We’ve had a lot of requests for a Fall section of ItGresa Robotics!  To meet all of our requests, we’ve re-opened our Junior engineer section

The fall section for the junior engineers will be be centered around the Lego Mindstorms educational set.  We’ll be generally following First Lego League’s 2019 City Shaper Challenge. Our goal is to pique the kids’ interests and get them to realize that engineering can be really fun.  We will be working with them on presentation skills, but the class will be primarily focused on creativity, programming, and following the Challenge Course to accomplish challenges.  The course will teach mechanicals and programming.  We will generally have work for ages 5-9 in the Junior course.   Children will work with gears, motors, sensors, programs, and just plain old Lego.

A note to parents:  We’ve learned, over the years, not to underestimate the kids.  Every time we think, “Oh, that’s too complex for that age,” the kids surprise us!  We finally gave up second-guessing them when a four-year-old learned to do simple programs.  So don;t assume your child is too young;  give them a shot.

All children will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

The first session will commence Oct 04, 2019.

We’ve had a lot of interest in the program, and are limiting the number of children to 10, so please sign up quickly before all seats are gone.

These classes help to develop children’s interest in STEM.  They also give your children opportunities that they may not receive in many schools. Kids in our programs have used their participation to help get selected for advanced schools and programs.

We are passionate about helping children grow up to be engineers and have STEM careers.  We hope you can join us.  #BeThatEngineer

Girl with Lego Robotics project
Boy in Atlanta class with Lego Robotics project

ItGresa Robotics Classes –  Atlanta:

ItGresa has been teaching kids robotics classes in Atlanta for seven years.  We started when the school our kids were in didn’t offer a program;  we decided that we had to do it ourselves!  We’re happy to report that it is working;  our 14-year old has built his own computer, taught himself CAD, and 3D printed a combat robot that took first place in a DragonCon rumble in 2019.

We’ve also been successful in helping get our students placed in advanced school by providing referrals and showing their work.


Robotics Class Details:

 Classes start Oct 4 at 4:00 at 1601 Tamarack Trail, Decatur, GA 30033.

Classes will run through Friday, November 15.  November 22 will be the awards ceremony, celebration, and presentations.

Each child will receive a certificate of completion from the class, and we are willing to provide school referrals and endorsements for all of our students.


Cost of the course is $200.00

Parents can stay for the course or drop the kids off.

If your child is older, or if you are a kid at heart or a lover of robotics, check out our Combat Robotics Course, Also Oct 4 to Nov 22.  Participants will complete their very own Fingertech Combat Robot, suitable for any antweight competition.  Check it out here:  

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