We love combat robotics!  We’ve been teaching kids robotics for more than seven years.  It’s an incredible way to get them interested in science and engineering.

Once we attended our first combat robotics match, we knew we had to get involved.  

Boys with Jamison Go and the Sawblaze team

Here are our boys posing with Jamison Go, of Battlebots’ Team Sawblaze fame at a Robot Battles event at DragonCon in Atlanta, Ga.

Combat Robotics has been a great way to get kids into STEM and engineering.  It interested them enough that they learned CAD and electronics.

Once we got into the sport, our interest in robotics and technology led us to create ItGresa Robotics as an offshoot of ItGresa Consulting Group.  That has proven successful.  We’ve built a partnership with Fingertech Robotics, and are now one of the suppliers of Fingertech to customers in the US.

We’re proud of our work to support the sport.  We hope you can support us


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