1lb Beater Bar Replacement Shaft and Nut


Replace your worn or damaged 1lb Beater Bar Shaft and Nut.

A replacement part for Fingertech’s 1lb Beater Bar kit.

Made of Grade 8 hardware, the replacement 1lb Beater Bar Shaft and Nut has 25% higher strength than Grade 5 (150,000psi vs 120,000psi)., this bar can take a lot in combat!

** Note: Grade 8 bolts have been hardened more than grade 5 bolts. Thus they are stronger and are used in demanding applications such as automotive suspensions. See Bolt Grades (here.)


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Fingertech 1lb Replacement Shaft and Nut:

Category Specification
Material: Steel, Bolt Grade 8.
Thread: 1/4-24
Length: 4.5″ long
Weight: 33g (1.16oz)
Finish: Zinc plated.