Fingertech 28mm Motor Clamp Mount


Mount your 28mm motor with this rugged convenient 28mm Motor Mounting Clamp. This mounting clamp is made of anodized 6061 aluminum. The clamping assembly includes two halves, two clamping screws, and two 8-32 mounting screws.


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Fingertech 28mm Motor Clamping Mount:

Category Specification
Material: Silver anodized 6061 Aluminum
Width: 40mm (1.57in)
Height: 28mm (1.10in)
Thickness: 10mm (0.39in)
Clamping Screws: Two (8-32 x 0.75in)
Mounting Screws: Two (8-32 x 0.375in)
Weight: 17.5grams (0.62oz) each