63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder

Our Rosin Core Solder has perfect soldering capability and a lower melting point for a very successful, reliable joint. Because of the lower melting point, the smoother flow, and the ease of use, our solder yields a stronger joint– critical for combat robotics.

Reliable soldering skills, proper materials, and the right tools are very important to make a joint that can hold up to the rigors of robot combat. Our suite of soldering tools, paste flux, and solder increase your chances of success in the ring. Nothing is worse than losing a match because of a frayed or cold solder joint. Invest in more than your robot; invest in the tools and materials to do the job right. Our 63-37 tin-lead solder is a must have.

  • High-quality tin lead solder
  • Rosin flux core
  • Solder wire Tin 63%- Lead 37% (Sn63-Pb37)
  • Easy to use reel format, compatible with reel holder.
  • Convenient to use


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63-37 Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder

Specification Parameter
Product: Fluxed Rosin Core Solder Wire
Qty: 100g; 0.22lbs / 3.3 Oz)
Diameter: 0.6mm
Composition: Tin 63% Lead 37% (Sn63-Pb37)
Flux Content: 1.8%
Melting Point: Soldering Wire 361°F/183°C
Reel Size: 55mm (dia) x 30mm (height) (2.165″ (dia) x 1.181″ (height)

NOTE: California Prop 65 Warning. The wire-format solder comprising this product contains chemicals known by the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Remember to wash your hands after using the product.