Absolute Chaos Weapon


Our Absolute Chaos Combat Robotics Weapon is the undercutter to beat! Often the difference between winning and losing in the arena is the strength and ferocity of the weapon.

ItGresa Robotics has collaborated with Ryan Clingman, noted robot designer, of Absolute Chaos Robotics, on a kit version of his famous robot BACKLASH.  You can get your very own backlash weapon right here!  Ryan’s robots have won multiple contests in the US, and he has been featured in SERVO Magazine.


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Material: AR500 Steel, unfinished
Length: 2.74″ (7cm) spinning diameter
Blade Thickness: 0.235″ (5.3mm)
Center Bore: 0.5in (12.6mm)
Mounting holes: 3@ 0.145″ (3.7mm) in diameter, 120 degrees
Weight: 3.1oz (90g)

With its wide profile, the BACKLASH undercutter blade delivers a high amount of kinetic energy to just the right place on the opponent.  Undercutters are in wide use, even at the 250lb Battlebots level, on robots such as Valkyrie.  There’s always a great debate as to which type of weapon is the best.  One of the most definitive references on combat robotics, the RioBotz Combot tutorial concludes:  “…disks are a better choice concerning both stresses (while delivering an impact) and moment inertia.” However, “they have a major drawback. If a vertical disk is hit by a horizontal spinner, or a horizontal disk is hit by a drum or vertical spinner…” they will be subject to major stress.  Since most robots aren’t modular, builders must make their best decision as to weapons type– there are no clear answers.  http://meggi.usuarios.rdc.puc-rio.br/docs/riobotz_combot_tutorial.pdf, pp156.

However, it’s absolutely clear that builders will make decisions based on their own instincts as to what will win- or not.  The Absolute Chaos Robotics Weapon is a great choice for your antweight bot.


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