Aerostar ESC Programming Card


The Aerostar ESC Programming Card is an easy-to-use programming card that’s suitable for our Aerostar 50A electronic speed controllers. This programming card allows you to change the following parameters via a jumper system.

The Aerostar ESC Programming Card is a useful tool and fits right into your pocket or transmitter case. Great for setting up your Aerostar ESC equipped model on the bench, or at a match.


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Programming Options:

Parameter: Variable:
Battery Type: Nimh or Lipoly Batteries
RPM Ranges for Heli’s: RPM Off/First Range/Second Range
Start: Very Soft/Soft/Start Acceleration
Brake: On/Off
Timing: Auto/Low 7-22/High 22-30
Rotation: Normal/Reverse
Cut of Voltage: 3V(50%)/3.2V(60%)/3.4V(65%)
Cut Off Power: Reduce/Stop


Plug the ESC into the Card, move the jumpers to your desired settings as indicated on the label on the programming card. Once complete, just plug in your lipo to the ESC. You’ll hear a single beep, and that’s it, you’ve just programmed your ESC.

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