Baby Nautiloid Center Frames


Baby Nautiloid Center Frames:

Baby Nautiloid has been a feared competitive antweight for years. The Baby Nautiloid Combot Robot has won most of the competitions that it entered since its creation in 2017. Fear strikes into the hearts of anyone who has to come up against this bot and its designer. In a recent event (Maximum Mayhem in Chattanooga), two Baby Nautiloids took first and second place in the antweight category.

“Its nimble drivetrain and powerful disc make it easily the most fun robot to compete with that I’ve ever designed.” – Matt Tompkins, designer.

Now you can replace the worn or broken Center Frames on your own Baby Nautiloid! These frames are one of the most critical parts of the entire weapon chain. These frames have the improved nut capture that keeps the shaft from rotating and overheating the frames.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Due to the nature of combat robots we do not recommend the Baby Nautiloid kit as a first robot. This robot is also not appropriate for children. This bot is one of the most destructive antweight combat bots. Despite their small size, antweight bots like these can be incredibly dangerous and should always be handled with safety in mind. There is as much kinetic energy in this bot’s weapon as in a small caliber bullet. We recommend researching proper safety procedures for combat robots with active weapons.

Always test in an adequate test box.

ItGresa is very proud to continue to offer the best new products from the robot community and we’re VERY happy to offer this weapon from Matthew Tompkins of RAD Robotics. Matt is an accomplished Lead Engineer for an equipment manufacturer and has been working with robots since 2009.

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Baby Nautiloid Center Frames


Item: Spec:
Color: Black
Length: 3.56,” 90mm
Height: 2.3,” 58mm
Thickness: 0.375,” 9.5mm
Weight: 1oz, 28g
Material: Milled Billet UHMW
Color: Black

These center frames are replacements for the Baby Nautiloid centers. They are the upgraded version that captures the shaft nut to keep it from spinning and overheating the UHMW.

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  • In the Atlanta Area, combat robotics events occur under the auspices of Robot Battles twice a year, once at MomoCon (Memorial Day weekend) and once at DragonCon (Labor Day Weekend).
  • ItGresa fields teams at both conventions every year, and we are always looking to add fighters to our teams.
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