Baby Nautiloid UHMW Top Plates


Baby Nautiloid Top Plates:

Baby Nautiloid has been a feared competitive antweight for years. The Baby Nautiloid combot Robot has won most of the competitions that it entered since its creation in 2017. Fear strikes into the hearts of anyone who has to come up against this bot and its designer.

“Its nimble drivetrain and powerful disc make it easily the most fun robot to compete with that I’ve ever designed.” – Matt Tompkins, designer.

Now you can replace a worn or damaged top plate on your own Baby Nautiloid.

ItGresa is very proud to continue to offer the best new products from the robot community and we’re VERY happy to offer this weapon from Matthew Tompkins of RAD Robotics. Matt is an accomplished Lead Engineer for an equipment manufacturer and has been working with robots since 2009.

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Baby Nautiloid Top Plates


Item: Spec:
Color: Black
Length: 3.2,” 81mm
Width: 2.6,” 66mm
Height: 3/8,” 9.5mm
Qty: 2
Weight: 1.2oz, 34g
Material: Milled billet UHMW

Your chassis will take some damage. Depending on the weapon type, it can take some serious damage! So you may need to replace your top plates. That’s where our Baby Nautiloid replacement top plates come in.

Check them out. And buy some spares– you’ll need them.

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