Banebots T40 Hubs


We’ve been running Banebots wheels in our beetleweight combat bots for years. And ItGresa has been chasing them, trying to get them into our product set for you– we knew they were the best in the business. At long, long last, we are absolutely THRILLED to become a Banebots distributor and bring you the best beetleweight and larger wheels! These Banebots T41 hubs are mated to the Banebots T41 wheels and are attached with an unbreakable grip.

The center round portion of the wheels is machined after molding to provide a close tolerance fit to the round portion of the hub eliminating the wobble or slop found in many molded wheels. They provide excellent torque transfer from the hub to the wheel. One set screw secures the hub to a shaft.

Note: These are sold as EACH, not as pairs. Order the total number of hubs that you need.



Installation of the Banebots T40 wheels is quick and easy. Simply slide the Banebots T40 Hubs onto the motor shaft and secure it in place with the set screw. Push the wheel onto the hub and lock it in place with the snap ring. The T40 hub does not extend beyond the wheel so multiple wheels can be mounted tight against each other. The hubs and wheels can be removed and reused or reconfigured at any time as needed.

We’ve been wanting to get the Banebots Wheels and hubs for a year. We use them in our beetles and we love them! The T40 wheels are a smaller size than the T81 wheels commonly used on Beetleweights, They can be used on Antweights and Fariyweights as well. So glad to develop a partnership with Banebots as we work to help you, the builder, more with your beetle– and larger. Banebots T40 Hubs- check them and the T40 wheels out for your next project!

Family Type Measurement Diameter
T40 Shaft Metric 3mm
T40 Shaft Metric 4mm
T40 Shaft Metric 6mm