Beater Bar Teeth


When you use FingerTech’s Beater Bar to destroy your competition, your weapon’s teeth are going to take a lot of hits!  Developed and used by three #1 ranked robots (from USA, UK, and Canada), the Beater Bar really packs a punch! Once you’ve become a beater bar believer, you will never go back! BUT– every beater and it’s teeth must be replaced sooner or later.

ItGresa Robotics has partnered with Fingertech to bring the best of their robotics to the United States.  Fingertech’s expertise, plus our robotic activities, make the ideal partnership, and we are proud to offer Fingertech products.

Beater bar is a class of weapons called “Eggbeaters”. Once you’ve seen them in action, the reason is obvious!

See the beater bar in action in a short beetleweight fight:

Eggbeaters are similar to drum spinners, only with flat, not cylindrical, shapes.


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Every Beater Bar takes hits and sooner or later needs to be replaced. Teeth get hit more than the Bar and may take severe damage. Always a great idea to have additional teeth on hand for replacements. Beater Bar Teeth allows you to replace only the teeth, not the entire assembly.

8pcs 5/16-18 x 3/4in Flat Head Socket Cap Screw, Black Oxide

Screw Length: 0.75″
Screw type: 5/16-18

Beater Bars have 4 holes on each side for 5/16-18 screw “teeth”. The cone-shaped head on the screws gives a nice bite when it strikes your opponent.

Our Black-oxide alloy steel screws have mild corrosion resistance in dry environments. Threadlock is recommended for attaching the screws to the beater bar to keep them in place.

Check out our Beater Bar Electronics for a complete set of parts to drive a deadly weapon.

Here’s the 1lb beater bar assembly.
The 3lb beater bar assembly.
1lb Bare Beater Bar.
3lb Bare Beater Bar.

You can see Battlebots class eggbeater weapons here.