Black Frost EVO Beetleweight Wedge


Got a Black Frost EVO Kit? Want to make it even more lethal? Add the Black Frost Wedge!

Wedges are a common item in combat robotics. They feed your opponent into your weapon with devastating results. At long last, we have a wedge for the Black Frost EVO beetleweight bot!

Also known as the Black Frost Snowplow, the wedge is made of formed 4041 alloy steel, with aluminum mounting blocks, this wedge can take some punishment. Give it a try!


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Need a front wedge for your BLACK FROST EVO – We have them now! The Black Frost Snowplow!


Total Weight: 4.8oz, 136g.

Note that the Beetleweight weight limit is 3 lb, 48oz.  The “Black Frost EVO” Beetleweight Chassis kit allows almost 36 additional ounces for motors, weapons, wiring, ESCs, and armor to be added. The Black Frost Snowplow adds another 4.8oz to the 12 ounces of the Black Frost EVO kit.

The Black Frost EVO Wedge:

Type: Item: Length: Height: Depth: Weight: Material:
Black Frost EVO Wedge 8.9″, 226mm 2.5″, 62.9mm 4.8 oz, 136g 4140 AlloySteel/td>

This wedge is designed specifically for the Black Frost EVO beetleweight bot.

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