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2019 BattleBots™ competitor Bloodsport was sponsored by FingerTech Robotics and boasts an iconic horizontal weapon bar, the Bloodsport Blade.  After receiving requests from fans to supply insect-sized weapon bars, team BNS turned to Fingertech for an antweight-scaled version of their 52lb, 48inch S7 tool steel monster!  Our Bloodsport Blade can make you a major winner in the arena.

ItGresa Robotics has partnered with Fingertech to bring the best of their robotics to the United States.  Fingertech’s expertise, plus our robotic activities, make the ideal partnership, and we are proud to offer Fingertech products.

You can own your very own Special Edition Bloodsport Bar, laser cut from 3.78mm (0.15in) AR400 steel.
See our Viper kit if you need a robot to mount the weapon to!

Team Bloodsport was a bot who competed at Battlebots in 2019.  Sponsored by Fingertech Robotics, VEX Robotics, University of Utah, and Big Blue Saw, Bloodsport was built by Jason Marple.  This was the rookie year for Bloodsport, but the bot won 75% of its matches, 3 out of 4.

Battlebots robot, "Bloodsport" from the television show battlebots

Battlebot “Bloodsport”, shown here.

Bloodsport is a classic horizontal spinner, designed to inflict maximum damage as a way to win.    The bot also had a small companion bot, called “thumb war”


Battlebots robot "Bloodsport" along with minibot companion "Thumb War"

Battlebot “Bloodsport” with minibot companion “Thumb War”

The scaled-down weapon is perfect for a viper antweight kit, and will inflict serious damage on your adversaries.  Horizontal spinners have proven very effective in competition, often knocking adversaries completely out of the ring and into the pit.  Weapons of this type are also crowd pleasers, generating lots of kinetic energy and a strong display of sparks.


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Product Documents

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Material: AR400 Steel
Length: 15.24cm (6.0in) tip-to-tip
Blade Thickness: 3.78mm (0.150in)
Bore: 10.0mm (0.394in)
Screw hole pattern: 19.05-25.4mm (0.75-1.0in) between 6-32 screws (matches FingerTech Blade Hub)
Weight: 87g (3.07oz)