Charging Harness


Clear your toolbox of all those patch cables!

– Simply plug the banana plugs into your battery charger, and your battery into one of the five output connectors.
– Choose from Servo style, Deans Ultra, JST, and 2mm and 2.5mm barrel plugs.
– All connectors are gold plated for optimal connections.
– Comes with caps for unused connectors to prevent contact with live ends.

Use with our Power Supply and Charger.

Also includes: Loop of wire for splicing in two of your own connectors.

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Banana plugs for connection to Battery Charger/Balancer

JST Female connector

2mm Barrel

2.5mm Barrel

Servo Style

Dean’s Ultra Connector (T-Connector)

Includes a loop of wire for splicing in your own connectors.

Use with our B6 Pro Charger and our 5A power supply.