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Do you want to learn how to build and fight a combat robot?  Do you want to encourage your kids to be engineers?  Learning how to build battling robots is not only fun, it can create a lifetime interest in engineering in your children.  Try our Combat Robotics Class!

Combat robotics is a relatively new and growing hobby, and it can seem complex to get started.  There’s not a lot of documentation, and the industry is in its infancy, so sources of parts and information can be rare.  However, with shows like Battlebots growing in popularity, it’s a sport that’s attracting more of an audience around the world.  Our own robotics team has had the privilege of meeting the leaders from Sawblaze and Bombshell.

As we were trying to decide what the project would be for our older engineers this year, many kids (and the occasional parent) asked us to teach combat robotics class.   ItGresa Robotics is therefore proud to say that we’re now offering our very first class on how to building a combat robot

ItGresa has been teaching kids of all ages robotics for seven years.  Our junior engineers range in age from ages 4 to 9.  Our senior engineers weigh in at ages 9-16.  This year, our combat robot class is for ages 10 and up ONLY.  Adults are welcome.

Our combat robot class will teach the Viper combat bot.  ItGresa has partnered with Fingertech Robotics to teach students how to build one of the most popular combat bots on the market today.  Students will each take home a combat robot that they built, with controller and charger– everything you need to start competing.

Students will learn:

  • Elements to make a robotic combat system work:  mechanical, electrical, power.
  • Assembling the components to make an effective robot.
  • Where to find parts and kits.
  • Basic assembly and soldering skills.
  • Power management.
  • Radio Frequency control basics.
  • Battle robot strategies for winning.
  • Combat considerations:  tricks and tips to harden the robot.
  • Driving skills.

Classes will be for one hour, and offered on Fridays at 5:15-6:15.  Classes will start Sept 20 and run through Oct 11.  Awards section and battles will be Oct 18.

Every student will build their very own Viper robot, and take home the robot, a radio controller, and a Lithium Poly battery charger.  These robots retail for $250.00, but are included in the price of the class.  Cost of the class is $349 for each student, plus tax, and .

The Viper combat bot is a rugged, professional design, with an aluminum chassis, silver spark 33:3 motors, electronic speed controllers, and a Radio Frequency bot controller, similar to the kind used for radio-controlled airplanes or cars.  See the Viper here.

By the end of the class, each student should know how to build and troubleshoot their robot, how to fight the robot, and the basics of modifying and weaponizing their bot.

Combat robotics is a great way to get your kids interested in Science, Engineering, and Design.  As parents, we can attest to the fact that an interest combat robotics caused an interest in CAD, which caused an interest in computers, and we now have a 14 year old who built his own computer and taught himself CAD.  If you want to set your kind on that path, robotics works, and we can say personally that its the best investment we’ve ever made in his education.

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At the end of their class, Combat Robotics Students will receive:

Each student will take home their very own Viper combat robotics bot, along with a receiver and transmitter for controlling the bot, and a rapid charger for charging the Lithium Poly (LiPo) battery.

Included in the Combat Robotics class price:

  • A complete Viper Combat Robotics Kit comes with everything you need to get started in combat robotics.
  • The custom-formed 6061-T6 Aluminum chassis has plenty of strength and space for additional components and upgrades.
  • A 6-Channel radio transmitter and receiver pair leaves four channels free to add any active devices you desire. (Optional, in case you already have a radio.)
  • Two FingerTech “Silver Spark” 33.3:1 ratio gearmotors with 2.25″ Snap Wheels provide both speed and pushing power.
  • Two FingerTech “tinyESC” speed controllers translate the radio receiver commands into motor movement and provide 5V power to the radio.
  • Polycarbonate combat armor keeps the components safe.

The Viper’s base weight is only 313grams (11.0oz) leaving 141grams (4.97oz) for additional parts if you are entering the Antweight (1lb) weight class.  The Viper is fully intended to be sawed, drilled, modified, and upgraded.  The Combat Robotics class will introduce new players to a  growing and exciting sport, and will teach skills in mechanical design, assembly, and electronics.

The class is recommended for ages 10+

Viper Robotics Specifications:


Body Width: 16.5cm (6.5in)
Length: 14cm (5.5in)
Body Height: 3cm (1.18in)
Weight: 313grams (11.04oz)

Combat Robotics Kit Includes:

Chassis: 15gauge (1.45mm / 0.057in) 6061-T6 alloy Aluminum stamped and formed baseplate (pic). Has mounting holes for motors, armor and add-on kits.
Motors: 2x 33.3:1 Silver Spark Gearmotors
Motor Controllers: 2x tinyESCs translate the radio commands into motor movement and power the receiver.
Wheels: 2x 2.25×0.75″ Snap Wheels are soft and grippy.  A direct hit will be absorbed and won’t destroy your motors!  Includes 3mm x 0.75″ Snap Hubs.
Battery: Rechargeable 7.4V 300mAh “Galaxy” lipoly pack.
Power Switch: A Switch/charge jack that you unplug to turn on. Comes pre-soldered with a female JST connector and includes a pair of Mini Terminal Blocks for making wiring connections.
Plug has male JST end for easily recharging the lipoly battery.
Armor: 3mm (0.118in) thick front wedge and 1.5mm (0.059in) top armor made of high-strength polycarbonate
Screws: Four 2-56×0.125″ screws for mounting the motors. Ten 6-32×0.25″ screws for fastening armor.
0.05″ and 5/64″ hex wrenches included for tightening screws and setscrews.
Instructions: Detailed instructions with many pictures and tips for getting more from your robot will also be provided for reference and maintenance.

All students will receive a personalized certificate of completion.


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