Cronos’ Scythe


Cronos’ Scythe: A Powerful Upgrade for your Vertical Spinner.

In Greek Mythology, Cronus was a dark revolutionary god who overthrew his father and led a new generation of Titans to power. See here. Often depicted with a scythe or sickle, Cronus wielded this weapon to rise to power and to create a new age, as well as cause some unfortunate damage to his father. He was the youngest and leader of the powerful Titans, and ushered in the Golden Age, until he was himself overthrown by his son Zeus. Give your beetle the power of a Titan! Go after your opponents most important parts! Give it a Cronos’ Scythe!

The iconic Titanic Scythe wielded for bloody deeds was the inspiration for “Cronus’ Scythe” – an incredible destructive addition to your eggbeater. Now you can easily upgrade your robot’s performance with Cronos’ Scythe and unleash Titanic power and durability!

Cronos’ Scythe is a battle-tested weapon that has conquered robotics competitions nationwide, delivering relentless force and unwavering resilience. Our version is fully assembled and has upgraded steel inserts for longevity and durability.

Have you been settling for a run-of-the-mill beater bar for your robot? Do you yearn for the advantages of a formidable weapon without the hassle of designing it from scratch? Don;t want the tedious task of assembling it all yourself? A version of Cronos’ Scythe is the weapon of choice for a renowned 3lb beetleweight robot, where its sheer might has been proven time and again.

Product Notes:

  • This weapon requires engineering and is NOT a drop-in replacement for a beater bar.
  • Compatible Weapon motor, belt, and shaft are dependent on your design and are not included.
  • Product appearance or quantity may vary from the provided photos.

Featuring a 275g spinning mass and a total mass of 296g (including the shaft), Cronos’ Scythe guarantees an unprecedented performance boost for your robot. Don’t miss out on the chance to take your robot to the next level! Upgrade to Cronos’ Scythe today and experience the ultimate in robot combat supremacy!”

ItGresa is very proud to continue to offer the best new products from the robot community and we’re VERY happy to offer this weapon addition from the Hephaestus Company, a new entry to the roster of combat robotics startups.


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Product Description:

Get ready to supercharge your custom bot with our Cronos’ Scythe weapon, or simply secure spares for your robot. This assembled weapon kit includes:

Qty Description
2x SCE59 weapon bearings
6x 8-32×2.25″ steel standoffs for strength
2x 90mm diameter AR500 weapon disks
12x alloy steel 8-32 socket head screws
2x printed weapon hubs (TPU)
  • Length: 75mm, 2.95″
  • Long Weapon diameter: 80mm, 3.15″
  • Narrow Weapon diameter: 38mm, 1.5″
  • Largest Barrel diameter: 37mm, 1.45″
  • Narrowest Barrel diameter: 31.5mm, 1.24″
  • Weight: 295g, 10.4oz
  • NOTE: Cronos’ Scythe is set up to accept 3/8″ or 5/16″ bearings. Shipped with 5/16 bearings.
  • NOTE: This version is an upgrade from the previous version. As part of that upgrade, the Titanium bearing retention plates have been removed because they are no longer necessary.
  • NOTE: THis is a semi-custom weapon, meant to be integrated into YOUR design. However, for convenience’s sake, we are offering a Cronos Scythe shaft and a Cronos Scythe Belt that are compatible with the weapon, to make spec’ing your robot just a little bit easier!

Cronos’ Scythe, made of tough AR500 weapon disks and TPU body with standoffs for strength and rigidity, is a fantastic addition to any beetleweight! Add to your destructive power with Cronos’ Scythe as your already destructive eggbeater.

Note: Cronos Scythe shaft and belt are not included.

Events for fighting your bot:

  • List of worldwide Robot Combat Events.
  • In the Atlanta Area, combat robotics events occur under the auspices of Robot Battles twice a year, once at MomoCon (Memorial Day weekend) and once at DragonCon (Labor Day Weekend).
  • ItGresa fields teams at both conventions every year, and we are always looking to add fighters to our teams.