D2822/17 Brushless Motor Outrunner 1100KV



This D2822/17 Brushless Motor Outrunner with 0.125″ shaft is used in the Fingertech Viper Vertical and Horizontal Spinner Add-Ons. Its size and power make it ideal for antweight robot weapons, as well as other robotic and drone applications.

NOTE: the 4mm shaft version of this motor does not come with the propellor mount and the mounting plate illustrated in the photo. It is designed to accept the Fingertech Blade Mount and has screws for that purpose. It is designed to be a heavier-duty shaft to absorb impacts. The propellor mount will not fit on the wider shaft, and the mounting plate included on the 0.125″ shaft is redundant for the application.

We also recommend the angled mounting plate, particularly if you are going to mount the motor to a chassis floor.

Brushed vs Brushless

In case you’re wondering why brushed vs brushless, here’s a great article that explains the difference and when to use each: https://www.arrow.com/en/research-and-events/articles/powering-a-battlebot

Here’s another: https://battlebots.fandom.com/wiki/Brushless_vs._Brushed_Motors

Brushless motors are almost universally used for weapons motors, for the reasons listed in the article. Brushless motors are used as drive motors for the very large combat bots as well.

Brushless Motor Confusion

But wait! These articles talk about how brushless motors are more efficient than brushed motors! Why do brushed motors dominate smaller bot classes as drive motors?

Some simple reasons:

  1. Brushed motors are generally much cheaper.
  2. They have more power and torque at low speeds.
  3. Controllers only require two wire connections and simpler, less expensive controllers.
  4. All of the above means a lower cost and weight penalty.
  5. Most importantly, adequate drives with the right gearing and price point are generally much less available in form factors suitable for drive motors in smaller bots.


Most builders use Silver Sparks for antweight drive motors. The D2822/17 Brushless motor is perfect for weapons motors. It’s used in the Fingertech spinner weapons kits, (horizontal spinner or vertical spinner) either this version or the 4mm shaft version. (Select 4mm shaft option).


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Product Documents

Drawings - CAD


Specifications: Values:
KV: 1100rpm/V
Max Voltage: 7.2V-11.1V (2S-3S)
Max Watts: 102W
Max Current: 9.9A
Max Resistance: 0.192Ω
Weight: 41g (1.44oz) for 0.125″ shaft; 43g (1.52oz) for 4mm shaft
Motor Diameter: 28mm (1.10in)
Motor Length: 21.35mm (0.84in). 25.66mm (1.01in) to end of hub extension.
Wire Length: 56mm (2.2in)
Plug Type: 3.5mm female bullet connectors
Shaft Diameter: 3.17mm (0.125in) or 4.00mm
Shaft Length: 10mm (0.39in)
D2822/17 Brushless Motor Outrunner Mounting Holes:
  • Two M3.0 spaced 16mm (0.63in), two M3.0 spaced 19mm (0.75in), 90degrees offset. Four M3.0 x 5mm Phillips screws included.
  • The rotating portion of the motor has three M2 screw holes spaced evenly on a 12mm circle.
D2822/17 Brushless Motor Outrunner Wiring:
  • Connect the three ESC wires any way you like. If the motor is spinning backwards, you can reverse the direction of any brushless motor by swapping any two wires.
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