DartBox Motor Breakout PCB, 4 Pack


DartBox Breakout PCBs – directly attaching these PCBs to the rear of your motor allows for tight right-angle wiring, protects fragile copper motor tabs, and even allows a capacitor to be added to reduce electrical noise, if desired.

Sold in sets of four (4) PCBs for the listed price. These will fit all DartBox V2 motors.

Pads have been added to the the board for an added capacitor to reduce electrical noise. A capacitor can be added at reference designator C1. The capacitor should be 0805 case size and should be in the range of 1nF – 100nF. Simply soder the cap to the board and you’re good to go!

Use with our JST connectors or the favorite connector of your choice!

44 in stock (can be backordered)

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DartBox Motor Breakout PCB

Parameter Spec
Length 18mm, 0.7″
Width 20.5mm, 0.8″
Thickness 1.6mm, 0.065″ (without capacitor)
Weight 0.865g ea, 1.73 grams (0.06oz) per pair.

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