FH-5515MG Analog Servo CCW 15kg (Counterclockwise rotation)


These FH-5515MG Analog Servo CCW is the strongest we could find for its price.

These are the same model servos used in the Fingertech lifter kit.

FH-5515MG Analog Servo CCW Details:

  • Standard-sized servo.
  • Metal gears for super high torque.
  • 18kg-cm (250oz-in) @ 9V.
  • Counter-Clockwise rotation with positive pulse.
  • Used in Viper Lifter Add-On.
  • Input: 4.8V – 10.0Vmax

If your robot’s battery is higher than 9V, simply run the servo power from a 9V regulator.


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FH-5515MG Analog Servo CCW

Use 9v voltage regulator for batteries that are higher than 9V (3S batteries, for example). See the 9V regulator and wiring diagram for a Viper HERE.

Parameter: Spec:
Type: Analog, 60° (±10°) of rotation, can be modified for continuous rotation
Direction: Clockwise is Pulse Travel 1100 to 1500 usec (so stick “Up” is counterclockwise)
Dimensions: 40mm x 40mm x 20mm (1.57″ x 1.57″ x 0.79″)
Weight: 62g (2.19oz)
Construction: All metal gears, double ball bearing

See the below table for details of the FH-5515MG performance at different voltage values.

Voltage Performance Table

Operating Voltage 4.8V 6.0V 7.4V 9.0V
Speed: 0.31sec/60° 0.28sec/60° 0.24sec/60° 0.20sec/60°
Stall torque: 13kg-cm 15kg-cm 18kg-cm 20kg-cm
Stall (oz-in): (139oz-in) (173oz-in) (214oz-in) (250oz-in)
Idle Current: 250mA 300mA 350mA 450mA
Avg Current: 0.65A 0.8A 1.0A 1.2A
Stall Current: 1.6A 1.8A 2.2A 2.6A