FingerTech Flat Bearing Motor Mount (pair)


  • Give your 16mm Spark Motors some outboard shaft support while providing a simple way to mount them to a wall panel.
  • 8 radial holes and a symmetrical 90-degree mount pattern allows 8 different motor mount angles so you can optimize the motor placement in your layout!


45 in stock (can be backordered)

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Give your 16mm Spark Motors some outboard ball bearing shaft support while providing a simple way to mount them to a wall panel with your FingerTech Flat Bearing Motor Mount!


This Flat Bearing Motor Mount can be used as a motor mount for 16mm gearmotors (such as Spark motors). The bearing works with the Spark Motors by aligning the mounting holes to the Spark mounting holes and offers additional shaft support through the bearing.


  • Height: 22.23mm (0.875in)
  • Width: 22.23mm (0.875in)
  • Thickness: 1.63mm (0.06in)
  • Weight: 1.5grams (0.05oz) each. 3mm Flanged Bearings add 0.33grams (0.01oz) each.
  • Chassis Mounting: Four countersunk 3.45mm (0.14in) holes spaced on a 15.88mm (0.625in) square for as large as 6-32 screws.
  • FingerTech Flat Bearing Motor Mounting: Eight radial 2.44mm holes match the 11mm spaced 2-56 screw pattern on Spark Motors.
  • Includes two 3mm shielded flanged ball bearings.


  • To mount Spark Motors, use 2-56 x 1/8″ screws.
  • To fasten mounts, use 6-32 screws for threaded chassis holes, or #6 Plastite screws for plastic chassis walls.


  • Add some extra support to your Viper’s drive motors! Fasten the Flat Bearing Mounts to the outside of the Viper chassis using 3/16in long 2-56 screws.

Example of using flat bearing mount on a Viper kit.

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