FingerTech FT1806 1500KV Brushless Motor


The FingerTech FT1806 1500KV Brushless Motor

The Megaspark motors, like the majority of drive motors used in Combat Robotics, are a combination of a brushed or brushless motor, and a rugged gearbox. Fingertech is now offering the motor and the gearbox separately, so that you can keep the same gearbox power with different motive power, or you can replace either the gearbox or the motor.

We now offer three different KV: 2300KV, 1500KV, and 750KV

Specifications: Values:

We’re happy to give the builders more options and flexibility, and the Megaspark gearbox/motor is another example!


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Specifications: Values:
KV: 1500KV
Rated Voltage: 20V (happy on 2-4S lipoly)
Rated Current: 10A.
Max Current @12V: 10A.
No-Load Current (with Mega Spark gearbox): 1.1A
Motor Resistance: 0.15ohm
Stall Torque: Notes about Brushless Motor Torque
Suggested ESC: BL20A-R Reversing Brushless ESC
Weight: 25.9g (0.91oz)
Motor Diameter: 23.1mm (0.91in) (slightly smaller than a 24mm gearbox, so it won’t rub on a sidewall if flush mounted)
Motor Length (back to face): 18.5mm (0.73in)
Shaft Diameter: 2mm (0.078in)
Shaft Length: 9.6mm (0.38in)
Diameter: 23.1mm (0.91in)
Length (back to face): 18.5mm (0.73in)
Motor Wires: 10cm long 26AWG with 3.5mm bullet connectors
Max Power Point:
Voltage (12V nominal): 11.92V
Current: 10.3A
Efficiency: 58.68%
Torque: 0.0337N.m
Power: 72W
Speed: 13695rpm
FT1806 Mounting Holes:
  • Two M2-0.40 holes spaced 16mm (0.63in), two M2-0.40 spaced 12mm (0.47in), 90degrees offset.
  • The rotating portion of the motor has four M2-0.40 screw holes spaced evenly on a 9mm circle.
FT1806 Wiring:
  • Connect the three ESC wires any way you like. If the motor is spinning backward, you can reverse the direction of any brushless motor by swapping any two wires.
Other Notes:

If you require a new pinion gear to match the Mega Spark planetary gearbox, they are here: (11T Pinion) (One pinion comes with the gearbox if you are buying that already.)